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She had only applied for the job as a long shot and didn’t think she’d ever get hired at Prescott & Prescott.

The other Prescott being Eric, Nick’s younger brother, who was looking to hire a personal secretary at the time.

Jessica sent in her resume after she had come across a listing in an online employment database posted by Prescott & Prescott Public Relations. Women jefferson city missouri want sex tonight.

Much to her surprise about six days after her first interview, which she thought she had bombed, she received a callback.

When Jessica returned for a second interview, Eric hired her on the spot.

Initially, she had minimal contact with Nicholas as he had his own personal secretary and hardly seemed interested in interacting with her.

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Back then, she had heard the widespread rumors about the Prescott brothers because they ran the best PR firm on the east coast and were often featured in various media publications.

Both brothers were lauded for their top-notch business acumen, charity events, good looks, and of course, their considerable wealth. Hot lesbian webcam.

However, there were stark contrasts between their personalities and personal lives.

Eric was happily married with two children, very easy-going, and mild-mannered.

Nicholas was known for his philandering, had no children, and was a ruthless shark in business with a brazen demeanor. Sexy curvy big booty porn.

It wasn’t until an executive party planner canceled at the last minute and left them in a lurch regarding their annual fundraising gala for breast cancer research that Jessica formally met Nicholas Prescott.

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She had been working for Eric for two months at the time he had asked her to assist Nick’s personal secretary, Jalen Banks with the gala arrangements. Free bisexual chat rooms new york area.

She knew he had asked because her resume stated that she had been a highly skilled, executive administrative assistant with experience in coordinating large scale events for a luxury event planning service at her previous job.

Some creative embellishment regarding the company she had previously worked for and her role there had been done. Online sex live com.

The truth was that she had worked for a small party planning company for five years as a clerical aid and had never handled an account over one hundred people.

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The company was so mismanaged that it eventually folded and left her unemployed for four months. Sexy hindfree.

Fortunately, Jalen knew his stuff which made her look competent as the event was successful thanks to his expertise and willingness to share the glory.

During that time, she and Jalen became fast friends, and he mentored her every step of the way with on the job training. Caramelca online bhabhi sex chat.

A few months later, Jalen was in a car accident which left him incapacitated with a broken leg, and he needed a considerable amount of time away from work during his recovery.

Eric had asked Jessica to act as Nick’s temporary personal secretary until Jalen returned because he was not going out of his way to hire anyone new for his brother.

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He said that Nick would just dismiss them all with complaints about their incompetence in comparison to Jalen.

Eric also raised her salary by thirty percent which helped Jessica solve many of her financial woes at the time.

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