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She loved Cardinal Vogue and he loved her.

It all started a few years back.

Sister Pamfry, then known as Catharine Pamfry, had just become a nun after throwing away her life of greed and deception.

She came to the newly built St.

Joan of Arc Nunnery in Domremy, France. Xkotikixxx online video sexchat.

It was a big change from her life in America.

The other nuns there took her in as their own and she hadn't looked back since.

A year later, a new Cardinal Bishop had been placed at the nunnery.

At the age of 40, he was the youngest that had ever been elected. Savanah stern fucks.

Sister Pamfry had been washing some of her robes when she first saw him.

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He had been walking through the courtyard where the washboard was with Mother Superior LaTorra.

They stopped by Sister Pamfry and Mother LaTorra introduced her to the cardinal.

"Sister Pamfry, this is Cardinal Bishop Vogue, he is going to be stationed here at our church," LaTorra said in a thick French accent. Hot tan blondes getting fucked.

When Catharine looked up, she was amazed to see this Adonis of a man standing in front of her.

His jaw was sharp, his eyes were blue, and his robes couldn't conceal his fit 6'4" frame.

In her bewilderment, she didn't even notice him staring back.

He never expected to see a nun as beautiful as she was.

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All his disciplinary training was getting thrown out the window as thoughts of lust filled his mind.

She, with her brunette curls and shapely curves, her infectious smile and beautiful eyes.

"It's like looking at the Madonna," he thought as he was lost in her eyes.

"Sister Pamfry, would you follow me?" LaTorra took Pamfry by the wrist and brought her to the other side of the courtyard.

"What's the matter Mother LaTorra?" she asked, still a little in the air from her encounter with the new Cardinal.

"I saw the way you were looking at him!" LaTorra scolded, "May I remind you that lust is a sin young lady?" "But LaTorra.

" "No buts, Sister Pamfry, if I catch you looking at Cardinal Vogue like that again, I will have no choice but to excommunicate you from the church!" Sister Pamfry felt beaten.

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It was as if LaTorra had reached her hand into her chest and pulled out her heart.

That was two years ago.

Yesterday, Sister Pamfry was coming back from the grocery market when she had bummed into the Cardinal doing his rounds.

They looked at each other and blushed. Bound dude having sex.

Catharine was so enveloped by him once again, a feeling she hadn't felt since there first encounter, that her speech was a little slurred a she struggled out, "Sorry Cardinal.

" "Th.

That’s alright," the Cardinal struggled out.

This time, Catharine noticed his hesitation.

"This guy actually has a crush on me!" she thought.

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New ideas were popping into her mind.

Maybe if she played her cards right, she could feed this Adam the fruit of her knowledge, but to try to get with the Cardinal would be breaking the promise she made to herself.

She promised she would never seduce another man for her personal gain, but she didn't care and went for it.

"So, Cardinal Vogue, is it true that you are a virgin?" she asked with her best schoolgirl impression.

"Umm, yes of course, I. Pornamira live broadcast my naked sex.

I swore an oath to celibacy the day I became a priest.

" "Wow, I couldn't imagine going through your entire life and never having sex!

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I mean before I became a nun, I had to of had sex at least one a month if not more!" she could see the anguish in his eyes as she continued, "I mean, now I know that sex is only meant for making babies now, but boy did it feel good. Reallifecam sex video.

I remember caressing my body as whoever I was having sex with thrust his hips into me.

The sweat was so sweet and the climax! OH THE CLIMAX!" she bit her bottom lip as she thought about it more and more.

She did love the climax and just talking about it made her horny.

"Uhh, I gotta go!" the cardinal exclaimed. Kerala sex chatting her husband with web cam.

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As he passed her, Sister Pamfry caught the slightest hint of an erection under the cardinal's robe.

She smirked at her success.

It is dusk the next day, today.

Catharine hasn't seen Cardinal Vogue all day.

She started to get worried.

"What did I do? I scared the Cardinal away!" she thought. Women looking for sex in pula.

She needed to make sure he was all right and went up to his room.

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