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I’m not saying I’d fuck you again, but IF I DECIDE SO, then we need to have some sort of ongoing thing between us so I don’t feel used.

That’s the greatest catch I’ve ever heard!’ Carol smiled.

So how will we meet up without you knowing my identity? The curious stepson wanted to know how the relationship would continue. Am7727786 milf sex chat com.

His stepmom answered, Take my number so that you can message me whenever you want to meet me in here.

I don’t want to have to blow through a bunch of dicks to find you again ha-ha.

I already have your number.

I have a pen in my purse.

Stick your hand through the bottom hole and I’ll write my number. Dirty adult webcam.

But you can only message me here, not at home, cautioned Carol.

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Understood, complied the sweaty 18-year-old, as he stretched his hand through the hole.

At that last word, Carol noticed a familiarity with the voice on the other side of the wall, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Small sexy games.

The hand of her soon-to-be lover came through the bottom hole.

Carol held his hand and wrote her phone number, along with the message: Best cock ever! – Oral Queen.

As Carol was letting go, she made a shocking discovery.

On the hand of the teenager, whose sperm she just consumed, there was a scar. Horny fillies get fucked in the club. big tits porno.

She recognized that scar.

It was unmistakably the scar on her stepson’s thumb from when he was 6 and he cut it accidentally with a piece of glass.

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She had to drive him to the ER to get stitches.

Carol’s face went blank.

She just blew her stepson.

A million questions were racing through her mind, but Carol couldn’t think straight enough to answer any of them. Guadagnare online chat sexy.

Unaware of her revelation, Sean pulled his hand back to see the erotic message along with the phone number.

Well I think it’s about time I prove to you I’m the best cock for you.

Disregarding his statement, Carol asked, Wait… did you enter my contact into your phone? Sex chat online without registration. The frightened stepmom waited for an answer that would determine for sure if the scar were just a coincidence or not.

Carol knew that if it was, in fact Sean, then he would know she was his stepmom by her number already being in his phone, which would prevent them from moving forward.

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But if the male didn’t have her number, then Carol knew there would be no issue and she could let the stranger have his way with her.

But then Carol’s mind presented a warped potential possibility.

Sean could have entered the number into his phone, knew it was her, and still wanted to do it anyway. Srilanka live sex onlien cam.

He wouldn’t do that.

Would he? Yeah I entered it.

I’ll text you next time I’m in here.

There were two remaining possibilities for Carol.

Either the man who was about to stick his penis inside of her was Sean… or it was a stranger who happened to sound exactly like Sean, was the same age, lived in the same area, and had an identical scar. Sexy mila j.

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So… do you want me to warm up those plump pussy lips of yours with my tongue? The muscular stepson was brimming with nervous energy and ready to live his fantasies.

Even though there was undoubted proof of whom she was really with, once Carol heard the familiar voice offer to perform the same core-shaking cunilingus as he did earlier, she didn’t care. Nakedladycat 12 14 15 16 grilsex.

The impassioned stepmother slid her tight black cocktail dress up over her yoga butt.

With her unsteady hands, she then pulled it over her head.

Her luscious breasts sprung free and bounced against her red chest.

Her garter socks cushioned her knees, as she lowered her body to the mat. Sms sex chat phone numbers.

Her hard nipples grazed the ground slightly, as her elbows and forearms provided stability.

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Carol pushed her exposed, soaking vagina against the open hole behind her.

Take me.

Within seconds, Sean’s tongue was back at work.

He lapped up the leaking juices while pressuring her inner lips. Hilary duff fucked with cumshot.

Carol’s mouth was ajar, as she felt the overwhelming sensation again.

Oh God, that’s the spot, Baby! Encouraged, Sean swirled his tongue even faster and with even more passion.

Oh fuck! Oh my God.

Fuck me, Baby, please! Pound me like you promised! Carol screamed loud enough for everyone else on both sides of the room to hear. Threesome oral sex.

Her lusting stepson didn’t need any more encouragement.

Sean kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the jeans.

He stood in only his socks, as he squatted down to meet the stimulated pussy.

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He couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.

Sean aimed his tip into the open moist hole offered to him. Secret sex cam.

His dick pushed into the pink flesh and parted Carol’s labia.

The woman, who was really cheating on her husband for the first time, felt her husband’s son slide his shaft inside of her.

She could feel the unyielding bar of steel throb as it continued its journey. Ww sexy photo.

It just kept going.

It definitely filled Carol’s vaginal canal more than her husband’s.

The lovemaking began.

The thrusts were slow and sensual at first.

They were met with moaning and groaning by both parties.

Aaaahhh! Keep going, baby! Sean inserted and withdrew his cock it at a faster and faster rate.

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The pace change resulted in deeper penetration and increased friction on Carol’s clit.

Oh God.

You’re pussy is so tight! I love it, groaned an enthralled stepson.

Carol knew her cunt wasn’t tight, it was just used to a smaller package moving inside of it.

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