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I removed Mike’s cock from my mouth and moaned.

I licked his shaft and cockhead like a lollipop as Drew teased me.

Rob was doing the same to Mike and I had a first-row seat to watch his probing fingers.

And then I felt pressure, and a pinch as Drew inserted a finger into me. Sexy nude busty blonde.

I lost control again and let out another moan, Uggghhhh fuck, yesss.

Mike was moaning too, but with my cock still in his mouth.

The vibrations I felt along my shaft made my eyes roll back.

This was heaven.

I swallowed Mike’s cock and took him all the way to the back of my throat, gagging on his length. Skinny blonde teen webcam.

Sedctivejulia sex chat online fb. Mike

He reciprocated.

God damn, you guys are really enjoying this, huh? asked Rob.

Mike and I both tried nodding and humming to say yes.

Drew slipped another finger inside my tight hole.

I felt the pressure and my ass clenched and then released.

It was beginning to relax with Drew’s fingers. Very long young couple webcam show.

He started pumping in and out of my sensitive hole.

Rob began doing the same to Mike.

I looked up and Rob’s cock was right next to my face.

I released Mike from my mouth and took in Rob.

I hadn’t tried him yet.

Oh yeah, you get it nice and wet for Mike’s ass. Alta fat alta woman sex ads.

Sedctivejulia sex chat online fb. Mike

Drool all over it, slut.

And I did.

Rob’s cock was covered with my saliva as Drew kept pumping his fingers in and out of my end.

Mike had decided to give Drew the same courtesy and switched his attention.

My cock felt cool as it was released from Mike’s warm mouth. Desi mature webcam.

The air surrounding it was cold after having been covered in a warm coat of Mike’s saliva.

I was rock hard.

My cock throbbed and twitched with excitement for what was to come.

I was going to get fucked by a warm, hard cock.

Drew stopped pumping and removed his fingers from my ass. Trisha hot sex videos.

My hole gaped with his exit, it anticipated more.

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And I knew a lot more was coming soon.

Drew took his eight-inch cock out of Mike’s mouth and teased me with it against my virgin hole.

Rob was done with my mouth and put another handful of lube to prepare for Mike. Fuck girl free without registrations.

Drops of clear liquid were falling onto the floor as Rob’s cock was almost drooling itself to fuck something.

I closed my eyes and awaited Drew to enter me with his monster cock.

Here I was on all fours, naked above my best friend with my cock inches from his mouth and our two other friends getting ready to fuck us raw. Loveoralsex22 cam chatsexy hot no sign up.

Sedctivejulia sex chat online fb. Mike

I felt Mike trembling underneath me as he too was excited to get pounded by Rob’s thick seven-inch rod.

I want your fucking cock in me, Drew, fuck me please, I begged.

I felt Drew press his bulbous head against my asshole.

I gasped.

He pushed and pushed until I gave way and his cock head began to slide into my tight sphincter. Sex sport game.

Ahhhh! I flinched as a sharp pain came from being stretched.

I held still for a minute and so did Drew.

Rob began to push into Mike underneath me and I watched the moment of penetration.

It was so hot seeing Rob’s thick cock slide into Mike.

Years later, I realized that this was the turning point for Mike.

Sedctivejulia sex chat online fb. Mike
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This was the moment he gave up pussy for good.

As I watched Mike and Rob, my initial pain had disappeared, and a warmth was spreading throughout my hole.

Drew must’ve felt me relax and he began to push his warm rod further into me.

Mike was moaning beneath me. Afgan sex secret camera.

I felt his warmth breath on my shaft and balls.

Oh my god! Yes, fuck me with that hard cock, Mike said as Rob began to pump slowly in and out of him.

I saw Mike’s cock twitching as Rob slowly pumped in and out of his ass.

I could also feel my cock bob up and down, spasming with the force of Drew penetrating behind me as he spread me open.

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Drew pushed his entire length into me, pressing his warm thick rod against my prostate.

I felt an intensity that was completely new to me.

It was incredible.

So this is what it’s like to be fucked.

Drew slowly began to pull back.

His hard shaft gliding along my tight sphincter. Karmak96 sissy webcam.

And then he pushed back in.

What a feeling it was! I felt full and the heat of his thrust released a desire inside of me.

An urge that I had long suspected was there.

I wanted to be fucked so badly now.

I looked back down and watched Rob thrusting in and out of Mike at a slow easy pace, imagining this was the same image Mike saw as my ass was getting filled.

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