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I am now inserting a finger in my tight hole mmmm, pussy squeezing it tightly.

I am adding another finger.

Getting even more wet, as I add another finger now this feels so good.

" "Oh my God Julie I wish I were there, keep going.

" "Sliding them in and out writhing my hips against them.

" " Move your fingers faster.

" "Mmmm, I am so wet and hearing the squishing sounds of my fingers fucking my pussy is making me hotter.

" "Oh wow, pump your fingers in an out even faster.

" "Oh yes, I'm pumping them faster and harder. Sexyrolin chat porno usa.

God it feels so good Dan.

" "I want you to cum Julie.

" "Do you want to watch this dirty little slut cum?" "Yes I do.

" "Tell me how much you want to see me cum baby.

" "I want to see you cum more than anything!" "Mmmm getting close now, harder oh my God it feels so good, so close and fucking harder, ohhhhh yes, so close.

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fucking harder.

Oh yes, I am cumming.

" "Cum for me sweetie.

" "Yes, yes, mmmmm that was good Dan.

Did you cum with me?" "I did Julie.

Now take your cum and put it on your hard nipples.

" "I am sorry I had gotten carried away.

" "Its ok sweetie no need to be sorry.

" "Mmmm yes, I love doing that. Watch live sex cam.

I am taking my fingers out and rubbing my juices all over my nipples.

Do you want me to suck them?" "Yes, please do so.

" "Mmmm yes, I love sucking my nipples and I taste so good that I do it all the time.

Licking and sucking it now.


" "Julie, I want to taste you.

" "Have a taste as I hold my fingers out for you to suck. Porno video chart.

You taste so sweet Julie.

"That was very erotic and very hot I loved it Julie.

" "Wow, Dan I was so horny I am sorry if I floored you.

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I rather surprised myself.

" "Surprised me a little too, what got you so hot?" "I do not know, I was just talking and the entire naked deal, yes I admit seeing you I imagined you watching me got me excited.

" "I too got very excited it was very nice.

" "Now you will think I am a slut probably.

" "No, not at all sweetie you were turned on and needed to satisfy yourself.

" "Mmmm I will tell you what; my pussy is so wet now.

" "I would love to be there to lick it all up.

" "Mmmm yes, that would feel so good having your tongue lapping it all up.

" "I love doing that and would lick your pussy all night long.

" "Were you hard thinking of me?" "Not just hard, precum oozed out and I was masturbating as you talked.

" "Mmmm. Refl01 no sign up webcam girls.

That is what did it, you talking about your cock.

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It's your fault you know.


Keep that up Dan and you are going to make me go again.

However, I need to go now sweetie, have a busy day ahead.

Will I hear from you later tonight?" "Sweetie, I will call you later.

" Saturday Evening It was ten p. Hindi sexchating.


when I finally got home.

I went and got out of my clothes, leaving the boxers on then went to the wine rack to fetch a bottle of White Riesling and a glass.

I headed to the great room, sat down and opened the bottle allowing it to breathe before pouring a glass. British webcam teens.

As I drank, I called Julie knowing she would be waiting even though it was very late for her.

She answered on the first ring and spoke before I could.

We exchanged pleasantries and talking about our day.

We discovered that we were both exhausted.

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Just before I was going to say goodnight, she asked me what I thought about this morning and if I was comfortable with it. Butt fuck with blow job.

I told her that it took me a little by surprise but I was comfortable with it.

She giggled saying she hoped I would be.

With that, we said good night and I said I would call tomorrow morning.

Sunday I was up early this morning and having had breakfast was now sitting on the bed as I called Julie. Free girls chating mobile for sex.

As she answers the phone, I say good morning to her.

"My nipples are very erect and when I woke up, found that I was wet too.

"What about you?" "I awoke with a very erect, throbbing cock which had precum on the head.


I wish I was there to lick it up.

" "I dreamt of holding you in my arms in the spoon position as we fell asleep with my cock in your tight pussy.

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Upon waking I then slowly slide almost out, pause, then slide in.

I do this until you wake.

" "Mmmm that would feel good Dan.

" "As you wake turning your head and softly moan we kiss passionately.

My penis moves faster within your tight, warm pussy.

You reach down rubbing your clit as I reach to tease your nipples, pinch and pull them just enough to make you moan louder and push hard against me. Sex mistress t.

Soon, you scream out that your cumming.

" "However, just before I cum, I pull out and as you lay on your back, I move up getting on my knees.

I pull the condom off and we stroke my cock until I cum on your breasts.

I raise a breast to your mouth and we lick it clean and finally kiss, sharing the cum. Video sexy bigo live.

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We do the same to the other breast.

" "Mmmmm.

very hot Dan.

" "After you come down from your orgasm, I kiss my way to your breasts then roll a nipple between my lips as my tongue swirls around it.

At the same time I finger your throbbing pussy with three fingers until you cum on them. Mobile sexy web cam online girl sex.

Then I kiss my way down and lick you clean as I offer my fingers to you for licking.

" "Mmmm.

yes, so very hot Dan.

" "I keep fingering you until your back arches, thrusting your breasts up with your rock hard nipples straining to be touched.

"Oh yes" Julie moans over the phone. Sexy young slut castigation.

Screaming out that you are cumming, I pump my fingers faster and harder as you explode again in orgasm.

When you come down from your orgasm, my fingers tease your nipples as my other hand gathers your cum.

" "Taking your cum, I tease your anal opening.

" "Oh, yes I love my ass teased and fucked.

" "Once lubed, I slowly insert a finger as I tease your nipples and suck your clit.

" "Mmmmm.

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