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In just another few seconds Darius gave one more thrust, and then held himself all the way inside my wife as his balls pulled, and he was moaning out loud, Oh fuck yeah, take my seed you beautiful white cunt.

Just as Darius was ejaculating into Malin’s pussy, I looked around and saw that John was gasping as he unloaded into her mouth, and I saw her struggling to swallow his cum. 321 sex chat.

She kept sucking on his softening cock, as Darius started slowly fucking her again with his deflating meat.

Then he looked around at me again and said, Come on up here and get your reward, Daniel.

You can move in behind her when I pull out.

When Darius pulled out and sat back on the sofa table, I saw his whole cock, as it hung in front of him, dripping with their combined fuck juices. 20alisa20 lesbian sex for kerala.

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Malin’s normally thick labia were red and even puffier after the fucking she just experienced, and her hair was matted with his cum, as even more was running out of her.

I got on my knees next to the couch and leaned in to press my face to her pussy.

I loved the smell and wetness of her just-fucked cunt, and then got my first taste of Darius’s cum. Hairy webcam girl.

I sucked and tongued her harder and harder as his cum flowed into my mouth, and Malin was writhing and squirming so much that I had to hold her in place, so I could continue sucking her pussy.

I had been sucking her for about two minutes when she reached back to pull my face even more tightly against her pussy as she said, Fuck yeah, honey, eat all of Darius’s cum out of my fuck hole.

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That was the best fucking I’ve ever had, and the night is just getting started with these men.

Now, baby, I want you to thank Darius for making me feel so good by cleaning his cock for him.

Malin and I had never talked or fantasized about me sucking his cock, but in the heat of the moment, I was so turned on that I stayed on my knees and turned to take Darius’s soft, slimy cock into my mouth. Elianna_ kerala webcam fuck com.

He just leaned back on his elbows as he smiled and watched me suck and slurp on his thick, oozing, foreskin-covered cock head.

I loved the taste and meaty texture of his cock, and I was soon going down on him until his cock head was in my throat.

His cock began to harden when I was sucking him, and he reached down to hold my head as he fucked my mouth and said, Fuck yeah, man, that feels so great.

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It’ll be nice having you around to keep us hard and clean us up as we fuck the shit out of your white, whore wife.

From the position I was in between Darius’s legs, I saw Malin turnover onto her back, and spread her legs for Eric.

I also saw John’s cock which was hardening again, and it looked to over nine inches long and as thick as Darius’s meat. Free webcam sex tube.

That was the beginning of over two more hours of fucking and sucking, as those three men fucked either her pussy or her mouth three times each, with me cleaning her pussy and their cocks, and then sucking them to hardness for her next fucking.

It was almost 2:30 am when the men finally went home, after thanking Malin and me for the entertainment. Karachi anty local sex hookup.

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Malin and I went to bed without talking much about what happened, since we were exhausted and still a little inebriated from all that we had to drink.

But of course, our kids woke up at their usual time on Sunday morning, and we had to drag ourselves out of bed to get them dressed and fed. Image girl full video fucking hard.

I did notice that she found a little time to call someone and went to the den to talk in private with them.

It was later in the morning, when the kids were playing in their rooms, that Malin and I finally got a chance to talk.

Neither one of us had had a chance to shower, and she looked so cute with her tousled hair and the loosely-tied bath robe. Sexy girls live chat.

The smell of sex filled the room as we sat on the couch in the basement drinking our coffee.

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She put her hand on my leg as she said, I know that we both enjoyed last night, and I want to continue fucking those men either individually or as a group.

I know that you agreed to this partially because you love me, but I could also see a change coming over you as the night progressed. Bbwwsex bangala house wedcom free vidieo sex.

You loved sucking all of that cum out of my pussy, and I also noticed that you became hungrier for those cocks as the night went on.

Tell me honestly how you feel about all of this, Daniel.

I was embarrassed that my wife was calling me out on my new submissive role as her cuckold husband, and I was having a hard time thinking of a way to explain myself. Porno fakes jelena.

I finally took her hand in mine and said, This is all very embarrassing for me, honey, and I can tell that you are looking at me differently than you did before last night.

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I feel like I’ve given my manhood to our neighbors, and they are only too happy to take my place between your legs.

" "And yet, at the same time, I’m so aroused at the thought of and watching you fuck other men. I want to have sex tonight.

It’s like something inside of me wants to see you pleasured in a way that I could never do for you, and it makes me proud that you're so beautiful and sexy.

I also have to admit that I’m anxious to suck Kerry’s pussy, especially if it is full of Darius’s cum. Nimfomanka real sex chat online.

Malin hugged me and said, I’m so happy that you feel this way about all of this honey.

Kerry told me that she was going to offer her pussy to you as a way of encouraging you to approve of me fucking Darius and the others.

I talked to her this morning, and we decided that she was going to hire a baby sitter who will watch all our kids at their house for a couple of hours early this evening, while she and Darius come over here.

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I’m anxious to fuck Darius again, and I want to see you eating her out, whether before or after Darius fucks her.

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