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She felt damn near naked as she put on her sexy outfit and sat on the bed waiting for her lover.

Beth quickly found herself getting nervous as the thought of fucking another man began to consume her mind.

She had no idea what to expect even though it was just a one time event. Online posmotret pick up sex videos.

She heard Mike arrive and now began to pace back and forth nervously.

It was a few minutes later that she heard the door open as Steven brought Mike into their bedroom.

She was stunned by his looks as she sat on the edge of the bed.

She sat there with her arms and legs crossed not wanting to show Mike her beautiful body. Free live sex chat online.

Mike was a good looking guy and at 6’2 was a woman’s dream man.

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He had a very athletic body and Beth now could see why her husband chose him.

Even though Mike seemed like a nice guy and was very good looking, Beth still wasn’t ready to uncover her body for him. Wehappy www freenudesexygirls com.

Mike certainly liked what he saw as he approached Beth.

Beth didn’t move a lick as she sat nervously on the edge of the bed with her arms crossed over each of her beautiful tits.

Mike quickly made the first move as he began to undress in front of her.

His eyes never left Beth’s beautiful body as he undressed down to his jeans. New limerick me sexy women.

He then quickly unbuckled them and pulled them down right in front of Beth.

He had no underwear on underneath, as Beth got her first look at his gorgeous cock.

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Mike’s cock was big and thick as it was easily 9 inches in length.

It hung down in between his legs, and Beth couldn’t take her eyes off it. Avalove onli canada girl sex.

Mike knew right away that Beth wanted his cock as she began to squirm anxiously on the bed.

Mike then walked over to Beth and had her stand before him.

He grabbed each of her arms and pulled them away from her body so he could see her beautiful tits through her outfit. Live free sex chat no login.

He then turned her around wanting her to pull up her outfit for him.

He wanted to see how great of an ass she had.

Slowly, Beth pulled up her outfit as her small gorgeous naked ass appeared before him.

His cock started to stir as he was more than excited by what he had seen.

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He told Beth how sexy and desirable she really was and how it was going to be a real pleasure to fuck her in front of her husband.

Mike then grabbed the thin straps that held Beth’s outfit in place.

He pulled down on each of them until it fell off her body. Asian fucking xxx.

She was now naked in front of him as he laid her down on the bed.

He crawled up in between her legs and began to lick gently on her sweet pussy.

Beth quickly began to get very aroused as moisture began to form on the outside of her pussy.

He teased her for several minutes with his tongue as Beth began to moan out softly. Gay webcam strip.

She was now on the verge of cumming when Mike abruptly stopped.

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He wanted her first orgasm to be from his big cock.

He wanted to fuck Beth in a bad way as he moved his body on top of her's.

She quickly felt the head of his big cock rub against the lips of her now swollen pussy. Jennie sex.

She had no idea if she could take on a cock of Mike’s size but she was about to find out.

A few seconds later Mike began to push his big manhood into Beth.

Beth immediately threw her arms tightly around Mike as she felt something she had never experienced before. Rihanna naked pussy been fucked.

It felt much better than she could ever imagine as Mike worked several inches of his cock into her tight aching pussy.

She cried out like never before as her orgasm quickly began to build.

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Mike’s 6’2 body pretty much smothered Beth’s petite 5’3 body.

All that showed of Beth’s body was her arms and her legs that were now both wrapped tightly around Mike’s body. Sheridance webcam.

He fucked her slowly at a consistent pace as she got acclimated with the size of his cock.

Mike had been fucking Beth for about 5 minutes when she began to cry out.

She was on the verge of cumming as she held tightly onto Mike’s body.

She cried out loudly as he pushed his cock even deeper into her. Nude tamanna sex.

Her orgasm went on for a good minute as she had never cum like that before.

She forgot everything at this point, and all she wanted was for Mike to make her cum hard again.

She came again a short time later as Mike continued to fuck her in the missionary position.

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Her fingernails ran down the back of his tight ass leaving several marks behind.

She couldn’t believe how hard Mike was making her cum right now.

She thought her orgasms with her husband were real good but they never came close to matching the way Mike was making her cum. Trisha krishnan hot sex.

Mike continued to fuck Beth for another twenty minutes in the missionary position, and was already on her third orgasm of the night as it was more intense then the first two.

This time she screamed out as her orgasm shook her whole body for a good couple of minutes.

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