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My head dropping like a heavy weight to hang between my outstretched arms.

My eyes rise to focus on the wall, evening out my breathing as I feel you move behind me, blocking any attempt at seeking you out.

You do not cover my eyes because you want to see if I have the strength to endure what you unleash, you want to be able to see the pain in my eyes, if that would be your will. Sexy girl in bunny costume.

You are clever; because you also know the willpower it will take for me to not seek you out with those stormy orbs.

You want to see the tears run unchecked down my flushed cheeks, you want to see the lust building with each painful touch, you want your slut broken and you want to see it reflected in my eyes. Dirtybitchx live sexxhat.

I know this.

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This is not a new game.

This is your pleasure being fulfilled by the slut before you.

My arms and shoulders are beginning to ache from the unnatural position against the wall.

You can see the muscles strain to hold it, rippling under the supple flesh, but still you wait and watch. Hot bomb sex.

Your eyes never leaving me as, again, I shift my weight from foot to foot, causing my hips to sway in an unconscious invitation for the pain, yet to be delivered.

You know the slut before you; know my mind, body, needs, desires, passions and you know my dark places. Teen webcam vibrator intense orgasm.

You watch as my fingers curl against the rough wall, nails raking over the stone.

You can feel my impatience with the waiting; you can smell my fear, but also my arousal.

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You play upon the fear as you step close once again, and ever so lightly touch my ass. Blow job webcam.

I can’t help but flinch, my body prepared for pain not pleasure.

You run your fingers slowly over the soft fleshy cheeks.

You simply admire with your touch, the one thing you know that makes the waiting even more unbearable.

Your other hand joins the first; using both your thumbs you move them slowly down through the crevice, parting my ass cheeks, revealing to your eyes alone what hides between. Buenos aires transexual shemale.

My cheeks flush in a moment of humiliation as my bottom lip finds its way snuggly between my teeth again, biting down to control the cry that lumps in my throat.

You know the torment you are inflicting, which drives you further.

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Cry out slut, you know you want to, you know you want to beg for the pain…the pleasure. Vikibru porn webcam.

You know I am the only one that can give you what you crave! Your words battle against my pride.

I know you are right, but a part of me is still reluctant to give so easily, and you always test that, push that defiance, and make me become the slut, the whore you own. Chaturbate gay porno.

I feel your thumbs rest against the sinful star, which pulls the incoherent cry, you desperately wanted to hear, from trembling lips.

Somehow I push my body back, as the cry echoes through the room.

Your ominous chuckle finds my ears as I feel you pull back with my push, but maintaining the soft touch to the dirty hole. Dahlia_monroe tamil video sex.

You growl, Such a needy whore you’ve become and I haven’t even begun on you yet.

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I can’t help but whimper as your words dance in my mind.

Yes… I am a needy whore, yes…you haven’t even begun, but my need grows with each word, each touch, and each unspoken promise. Brunetsenzual tamil sexweb.

My nails dig deeper into the solid wall as my thighs quiver, back arches, cunt weeps and my ass still as it remains captured in your strong hands.

The emotions you rise within me, like a wild fire burning out of control.

You know all this, you’ve seen it before many times, and you enjoy it more each time as you break me. Cam sex ps3.

I focus my thoughts…though I am a needy whore…I am YOUR needy whore, YOUR willing slut, YOUR fucktoy, simply and most importantly…YOURS.

I relax now, my focus secure, my mind bent but not quite broken.

I’ve come to terms, yet again, that I am the physical manifestation of your pleasure, the hot receptacle for your seed should you allow me such a wondrous gift, the slut that loves the pain you inflict, and the pleasure you bestow.

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I am yours, mind, body and soul.

You feel me relax and know my mind has come to grips with my station.

That I will not defy you in the pain you relish giving me … the pain that turns to pleasure with each hard stroke, burning welt, stinging swat or ruby drip of parted flesh. Chat freesex womanlive.

I am completely yours, to do with as you please.

My head lowers once more between my arms, my breath ragged, heart thundering in my chest, blood pounding through my veins blocking out every sound except your voice and my own.

Your right hand slowly slips over my ass seeking the heat that burns between my thighs. Web chat roulette porno.

I know what you will find.

I feel your palm cup my weeping cunt, your fingers resting against my throbbing clit.

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You do not move your hand or fingers, and I know I am to remain still.

This is always difficult for me, my desire making me want to push my hips down against your hand, to ease some of the built up need. Pill erfurt grills sex xxxx.

I know, even without looking, that you are smiling, that your eyes watch me carefully, seeing if I will pass your test.

The thumb of your left hand begins making lazy circles against my sinful pucker, almost making me squirm.

You want me to squirm, to moan out with pent up desire, and to beg. 3gp webcam cam show.

My lust-clouded eyes, spy my hanging tits, the taut nipples begging in their silent way for attention.

The fleshy orbs quiver, betraying my attempt at stillness.

Your thumb works against my ass while your other hand remains still against my cunt and clit.

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Oh…how you torture me.

Softly, subtly, I feel your fingers against my clit begin to move, my head rises slightly, eyes widen in disbelief.

I can feel your body shift as you lean closer, listening, watching, then you hear it, Please Sir so soft, almost inaudible like a whisper dancing on the wind. Orrnella c2c webcam.

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