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Her father still wasn't satisfied and added, "Three!" Donna turned her head up towards me and practically screamed, "Please, Tim! Just do it, for God's sake!" I reached back and brought my hand down and slammed her ass with all my might. Latin live sex cam.

A moment after the sound of the impact filled the room, Donna's voice let out a loud yelp.

Donna's father said simply "There.

Keep that up.

" I spanked her again, and she yelped again. Nastya1094 rid webcam adult.

This time, Donna's father said nothing.

Again, I brought my hand down.

This time, Donna's yelp was joined with sniffling as I brought my hand back for the next one.

I kept spanking Donna while her father watched.

Whenever my efforts slacked the slightest bit, he would shout out another number. Sexy older women in noyers.

Still, he kept watching and I kept spanking.

One on one sex chat. Donna

At one point he ordered, "Faster!" I began to spank her once a second.

By this point she was crying continuously, but she stayed in place on my lap, accepting the discipline that her father was giving her by proxy. Sex box watch online free.

Finally, her father said, "That's enough.

" My hand was stinging and sore, and I shook it to try and relieve it.

Donna's bottom was lobster-red.

She lay across my lap limply like a rag doll. Karramina free adult random webcam chats.

Her only movement was caused by her chest heaving as she sobbed.

Donna's father said, "Both of you, stand up.

" I helped Donna to her feet and then rose after her.

She rubbed her bottom with her hands as she stood there crying.

Donna's father said, "You two stay put. Online vebcam sexfree sex chat chatopolis.

One on one sex chat. Donna

I'm going to go get the paddle.

" Donna's eyes were downcast as she rubbed her bottom.

I said, "Hey Donna," to get her attention.

She looked up at me and I continued, "I'm sorry.

" She nodded and said, "I know.

I'm sorry too.

I love you, Tim.

" I replied, "I love you too.

" Our conversation was interrupted as we heard her father approaching. Sex roberta gemma.

We both turned to the hallway to watch him come in.

He had with him what looked like a fraternity paddle.

It was light wood, but including the handle it must have been 18 inches long. Free webcam porn sites.

He entered the room and said, "Alright, Donna, Over the back of the chair.

One on one sex chat.