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But my fingers traveled unexpectedly down her legs.

Suddenly, I opened her wide and chained her ankles.

She was incredibly wet, swollen, her thighs glistening with moisture.

She was spread eagled, on her stomach, the clamps biting into her nipples, her breasts flattened against the bed, unable to close her secret places to me now. Bbwmira privat sex.

At my mercy, serving her Master.

I wasn’t sure how much longer I could just watch.

I undressed and lay on top of her, skin to skin, her soft warmth underneath me.

I was hard, probing her wetness.

She tried to wiggle herself into position, urging me to enter. Sexual attraction hormones.

But I resisted, fighting off my deepest needs.

Instead, I held a long black ribbon in front of her.

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Obediently, she lifted her head while I wrapped her eyes and tied a tight knot.

Lick your lips, I whispered.

I inserted the ball gag between her moist lips, pushed it deep in her mouth, behind her teeth. Whatsapp live sex chat.

Her breath came in sharp bursts, sounds of excitement coming through the gag.

Good girl, I told her as I rose.

Now raise your hips.

She elevated her slender hips as much as her bonds allowed.

I smacked her ass with a large leather strap.

She gasped, squirmed, screamed through her gag. Sarahybryan tamil free live sex chat videos in india.

Not from pain—the blow was not hardbut from shock….

and delight.

Another blow.

Her hips flinched away.

She moaned loudly.

Her ass had just a hint of red.

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Once more.

She squirmed.

Then she lowered her hips to deny me access.

Not because she wished me to stop but because I had not given her permission to cum. Seductionts4u fuck vidio com.

I knew she was approaching the brink and she did not wish to displease me.

Raise you hips.

She shook her head, protesting through the gag.

Offer yourself! Her head drooped.

Reluctantly, she raised her hips.

This time the blow was hard.

The sound of the leather cracked through the room. Webchtu4ka xxx fre sex paksn.

She recoiled, screamed through the gag.

One more for disobeying me.

The strap came down on her one last time.

It painted a wide red mark on her ass.

She flinched, jerked at the chains, and whimpered both from pain and from being denied her pleasure.

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She was trying to resist orgasm and I knew she could not hold out much longer. Anissa kate black sex addict.

I let the strap go and lay on top of her again, sliding into position, preparing to penetrate her.

Already, she was twisting, seeking me, yearning for me inside her.

Her impatience amused me.

I plunged into her.

Instantly, she began moving her hips against me, barely allowing me to catch up with her rhythm. Cutesnowwhite webcam show.

Okay, I whispered, you may cum.

Almost before the words were out, her body tensed with inner explosions, her hips swayed, her muffled cries came through her gag as she pulled against her bonds, fingers grasping at her chains, toes pointing.

I thrust and drove hard, prolonging her pleasure.

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Her orgasm went on for half a minute, a full minute maybe, perhaps more.

I wondered how long she could last when suddenly she was spent.

I felt her relax underneath me.

She moaned, breathed heavily, her sweat-slicked, body pressed into the bed from my weight. Wow cam4 sex live.

I lingered on top of her, taking her in, just being with her.

I ran my fingers through her tangled hair and kissed her lightly as her breathing calmed again.

Then I began moving my hips; still inside her, her warmth and slickness engulfing me.

She wriggled, inviting my pleasure, moved faster, her wet friction building immense pressures inside me. Free live sex no fee.

My breath came in short bursts.

I closed my eyes tightly, gritted my teeth, my hips matching her rhythm, my hands tangled in her hair.

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It HAD to escape.

I thrusted as fast and hard as I could and moaned loudly as my fluids spilled into her.

Moments later, I was done, shaking, weak. Sexy cam videos.

I rose off her, steadying myself with my hands on her shoulders.

I considered leaving her bound, but there was no point.

She had given me her submission, the greatest gift a sub can give a Dom.

So I released her from her bonds.

She curled in my arms and I held her as we drowsed. Is essex north of london.

When she was sound asleep, I slipped quietly out of bed and dressed.

I opened my briefcase and checked the hi-res video camera hidden inside.

It had worked perfectly.

I put the video chip in my pocket.

I scrawled a note telling her how much I had enjoyed my time with her.

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I also told her to put $100,000 in the briefcase and where to leave it if she did not want her husband and her TV audience to see the video on the internet I almost regretted doing it to her.

I was crazy about her.

But I was furious when I discovered she was married. Fuck tube pics.

I kissed her softly on the cheek.

Then I left for home…… I lay on my bed in my room, just relaxing, listening to the music playing from my speakers.

I was in a chill mood, mostly OAR and Dispatch playing.

If you don’t know the bands, I suggest you check them out. Sex pic first night indian.

Unfortunately, my relaxation time was not to be that day.

The door slammed closed followed by heavy footsteps upstairs, then my door swinging open.

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My 19 year old sister, younger than me by just fifteen months, Erin, stood there, her eyes watery and red, her face twisted into an expression of anger that I have never seen before. Fuck top.

I expected to burst into flames from the venom in her stare.

Why do guys have to be …UGH?!?! She broke her sentence in frustration, unable to think of the correct word.

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