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My mum and dad split up 3 years ago and last year mum married a guy called Roy, now Roy is very controlling and sometimes violent, he has insisted there are no locks in the house except the front door. Sex wantedweb site.

Now today I had just had hockey practice, and went into the bathroom to run a bath.

As I sank into the water I felt all the tension from the day melt away, the hot water caressed my nipples, hardening them slightly. Granny for sex emeigh pennsylvania.

It was at this point Roy burst into the bathroom, I promptly to him to push off as I was having a bath, he marched over to the bath, yanked me up by my arm and yelled "don't you dare speak to me like that, now you will have to be punished". Commando sex webcam.

He took off his belt, then sat down on the toilet seat and threw me over his knee and spread my legs slightly.

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He brought his belt down sharply, first on my ass then on my pussy, he whacked me 40 times on my ass then 40 times on my pussy.

Throughout my beating I could feel his cock growing, his cock got so erect it was pushing against my pubic mound. Sexy sex big ass.

On the final stroke on my aching pussy I moved to try and get up, but he pushed me back gown and with a evil smile tutted and said "now now, don't think I've finished with you yet Georgia, you've had this coming a long time" He parted my ass cheeks and ran his fingers over my pussy and ass hole.

"Roy!!?!?!" I squeaked, "what are you doing???" I squirmed trying to get away. Situs chat sex indonesia.

But this just spurred Roy on, he pushed me back down and shoved his index finger deep into my pussy causing me to squeal.

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Roy growled at me to shut up and held his other hand over my mouth, he then inserted another finger into my pussy, he continued until he had all 4 in my pussy. Online sex games for couples.

He suddenly withdrew all his fingers, but then shoved his whole hand violently into my pussy, breaking my hymen and causing me to scream, he was stretching my pussy walls so badly.

He continued to violate my pussy for about ten minuets, I was trying my hardest not to moan. Free indian webcam girls.

Then he pulled out and chuckled, and I realized my body had given me away, his fingers were dripping with both my virgin blood and my cum.

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