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Although she appreciated Allison's efforts with the band—she usually handled the merchandise sales at the band's gigs—she could only take Allison in small doses.

She wondered how Nate had managed, as he was Allison's older brother.

Then again, maybe that was why he'd moved into his own apartment right after high school.

"I don't know.

" Lara shrugged.

"I guess she spent the night at his place or something.

" "I'd say I'm surprised he's late, but I'd be lying, so I won't.

" "If he showed up on time, I think I'd have a heart attack. Katrina halili sexual movies.

With that, Jason and Allison walked in.

Ryan nodded and was surprised when Jason leaned his guitar, still in its case, against the wall.

She waited, but when he made no move to begin setting up, she forced the issue.

"Jason, what are you waiting for?

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You're late and we need get started.

" "We need to talk about some things first.

" Allison stepped in front of Jason and met Ryan's gaze.

"We do?" Ryan didn't care for that. Camsex gratis.

Allison wasn't part of the band.

Nate frowned.

"Allison, what are you talking about?" "It's not me, it's Jason.

" Ryan stiffened but made an effort to stay calm.

"What about Jason?" "You need to make some changes.

He's a fantastic guitarist, but you're holding him back and he's tired of it.

" Allison crossed her arms over her chest. Online mobile adult webcam chat.

This time Lara spoke up.

"So why doesn't Jason tell us what he wants?" Ryan and the others turned to him.

Ryan had no idea of what he might say, but she had a feeling it wasn't going to make her feel any better.

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Jason stood and shrugged.

"Allison's right. Caught having sex on camera video.

I opted to join you guys when you needed someone, but I'm tired of being kept in the background.

" It was on the tip of Ryan's tongue to remind him that he wasn't a full member of the band yet.

They'd agreed on a six-month trial period, and there were still six weeks left. Japanese threesome sex videos.

She decided not to say anything yet.

"So what do you want, Jason?" Nate's voice was low, which Ryan knew meant he was pissed, even if Jason didn't.

"I want control of all the guitar parts.

First off, that means I do all the solos from here on out.

I'm way better than Ryan is, so I'm the one that should be out there.

" Nate snorted, and Ryan grabbed Lara's wrist when her friend moved up to protest.

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She wanted to hear the rest.

Jason obliged.

"Next, I get to say how long the solos last, not Ryan.

And if I want to add something in on my own, it stays in, whether she likes it or not, and I get partial song-writing credit for it.

" He want them to remove the brown M&Ms next, Ryan thought.

"Anything else?" "Yes.

" Allison gave her a spiteful smile.

"If you don't agree, then Jason quits.

" "Is that so?" Ryan nodded. Love melody webcam.

Well, that made up her mind.

"Jason, what the fuck is this?" Mitch got up from behind his drums.

"You're threatening to quit a week before our headlining gig? What the hell's the matter with you?" "I'm just laying things out.

The rest is up to you guys.

" Jason leaned against the wall, as though he had all the time in the world to wait for their answer.


" Ryan took a few steps back.

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As Nate, Mitch and Lara moved to join her, Jason scoffed.

"See, this is what I mean.

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