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The frothy little white thing that had covered her lush curves was now cast negligently over a nearby lounge chair.

A little shiver of anticipation coursed through him. Webcam sex chat old women.

He couldn’t wait to explore those curves with his hands, and later with his mouth.

She was watching him as well, noting, with satisfaction, the way desire flared in his eyes as he looked at her.

He tossed his towel on the chair next to hers, and carefully set down the bottle and glasses on the edge of the spa.

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Serena sucked in a breath of air as he stripped off his silk robe.

He was magnificent.

Her imagination, which had been running wild since he left her, couldn’t compare to the real thing. Supergold555 live sex chat on mobile.

Muscle was packed onto his body, but not like the way the young Arnold Schwarzenegger was.

Gwydion was lean and wiry, which, to her, made him look all the more powerful.

His shoulder length hair was tied back from a face of harsh lines and masculine beauty.

Lonely married women to fuck. Serena
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Dark golden honey seemed to coat his skin, and Serena couldn’t wait to see if he tasted half as good as he looked.

With a feline grace, Gwydion slipped into the spa.

After pouring the wine, he turned and handed Serena a glass.

“To Fate,” he purred, holding his glass up. Hot lesbian webcam.

Serena tapped the rim of her glass to his, then took a small sip of the wine.

“So,” Serena began, watching his throat as he drank his glass down, “Gwydion, what does your name mean?” He looked at her, the amused twinkle in his eye diminishing the wicked grin it accompanied, “It means: God of Magic. Dirty sex chat in hindi.

” Serena snorted in an unladylike manner, “Oh, please,” she rolled her eyes at him, “you‘re just making that up.

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