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When I call you, you just call me the letter you've ticked off.

Understand? Some students nod.

Robert: 1a? C.


Vanessa: 1b? E.

The wrong B is the right solution.

Penalty point! So the individual questions are processed one after the other.

Most questions that have been asked, I answered correctly, only three times I'm wrong, but due to the arbitrary five penalty points before, I Have 8 penalty points. Bisexual nude guys.

The students who prefer to be punished individually in the rector's office get a note from Cassandra and are sent away.

Nine students are left, including me.

Vanessa, you are the first.

Please come forward.

A young woman in normal everyday clothes gets up. Teen on webcam with dog.

She is at most eighteen or nineteen years old and may even go to college in real life.

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She seems to be breathing a bit heavily and her hands are constantly fidgeting.

Cassandra notices her uncertainty.

Softly she talks to the young woman, then Vanessa nods confirming that she is ready. Images xxxsex.

Cassandra tells her to pull down her trousers and bend over the teacher's desk.

Red-faced with shame she obeys and bends over the teacher's desk revealing her sexy red panties.

She has probably stated in the questionnaire that she does not want strokes on her bare bottom. Greek chat sex.

For your seven penalty points, you will receive fourteen strokes, seven with the wooden ruler and seven with the paddle.

After all, we want you to learn from your mistakes, explains Cassandra, in her role as Miss Dark.

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Yes, Miss Dark.

Cassandra starts: she takes a gentle swing and swats the ruler on Vanessa's butt. Gay sport bareback sex video.

Vanessa moans briefly, but keeps herself otherwise brave.

The other six strokes she bears bravely with a light groan but otherwise shows no emotion.

After a short break Cassandra picks up the paddle, without being prompted, Vanessa pulls down her panties and exposes her bare bottom. Best sexcams without registration.

What a hot ass, I think.

The other students apparently think the same.

There are applause and appreciative whistles.

Are you sure, that you want it that way? asks Cassandra.

Yes, Miss Dark, Vanessa emphasizes with a strong voice, nevertheless, a touch of nervousness can be heard.

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Well, here's someone who is obviously quite remorseful.

This will make the lesson much more effective.

A lesson which Cassandra immediately puts into action.

I see and hear that Vanessa now feels the strokes much more.

Cassandra increases the power from stroke to stroke. Sex with jennifer.

Vanessa screams and tries to dodge the strokes but has no chance.

Cassandra is experienced enough and knows how far she can go without causing any serious harm.

After it is over and Vanessa has calmed down, the two women hug.

Vanessa thanks Cassandra, she smiles as she returns to her seat. Hd free germany sex kino.

She seems to have got exactly what she wanted.

I‘m called last.

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Since I have watched the other punishments, I know what I have to do.

I pull my pants and boxer shorts down and lean over the teacher's desk.

Well, you seem to know how it works.

You have eight penalty points. Pure sexual attraction 2.

You get sixteen strokes, eight with the wooden ruler and eight with the cane.

The strokes with the ruler she gets through quickly.

I have no opportunity to breathe and my butt burns when she's done.

Shortly after, she holds the cane in her hand.

You will count each stroke, after each stroke you say: 'My performance in German history is shitty, I promise to improve.

' Understand? Free sex webcam privat. Yes, Miss Dark.

A few seconds later, the cane cuts my butt,.

I moan painfully.

Live usa urdu sex. five penalty points

One, my performance in German history is shitty, I promise to improve.

I manage to count all eight strokes, my butt burns like hell and yet I have a huge erection.

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