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Tom teased Keisha as he carried her Louis Vuitton bags onto the porch of his modest two-story ranch house.

Well, I wasn’t sure what to bring.

I’ve never been on a ranch before, Keisha said.

She was dressedcomfortable’ in ripped jeans that looked as if they were painted onto her curves. Silver-whispe cam to live one on one sex cha.

Along with a crop top baring her slim midriff and pierced belly button, four-inch tall spiked heels, and of course, her blinged out sunglasses.

You know, I’m just teasing.

Besides, I think you look perfect wearing anything.

He sat her bags down when they stepped inside his home. Missbeeu my sex chat.

I thought you like me best wearing nothing? Keisha smiled as he pulled her into his arms.

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Also, very true.

He grinned wickedly before kissing her full luscious lips.

What he had meant to be just a quick peck turned into a long heated kiss.

The reality of being back home and having Keisha in his arms finally hit him. Bongacam free sex cam4.

Tom couldn’t help thinking that so far, everything was too good to be true.

He pulled away reluctantly, Um, before we get carried away, I want to welcome you to my home.

He made a grand sweeping gesture to their surroundings.

It’s nice.

I like it.

Keisha said as she pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head and took a look around. Straight guys webcam.

Keisha was surprised at how warm and welcoming his home felt.

His home didn’t scream western or country as she had envisioned.

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She’d pictured animal heads as hunting trophies, wood paneling, and plaid.

Instead, his place was furnished with quality yet modest contemporary decor in a neutral palette. Free virtual sex chat.

She smiled to herself thinking how easy a place like this could become like a second home.

Come on, I’ll show you around, he said before a huge chocolate Labrador ran towards them barking excitedly and circling around their legs.

Whoa, whoa.

Bear, sit! he commanded. I need sex in franklin tennessee.

The big dog obeyed immediately, yet his wagging tail told of his uncontainable enthusiasm.

He heard you pulling up and I couldn’t stop him," a tall, lanky old man said as he entered the foyer.

He stopped short when he saw Keisha.

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Oh, sorry, Tom, ma’am.

I didn’t realize you had company. Sexy bunny xxx.

He quickly removed his worn cowboy hat in a show of good manners.

Oh, hey, Jake, no worries.

We just got in.

Tom introduced Keisha to Jake Shupe, the caretaker of his ranch while he was away on the road.

Keisha smiled politely, Hi, nice to meet you, Jake. Sex sport club.

Jake smiled back charmingly.

He noticed the expensive luggage in the entryway.

Should I take her bags to the guest room? he offered.

Thanks, but I’ll be taking them up to my room, Tom said.

Keisha noticed the old man as he smiled knowingly at Tom, then widen his smile back at her. Hot russian woman sex.

Well, then, I’ll just leave you two be.

I still have to check in with that new foal, Jake said as he shuffled off.

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So, what do you want to do first? Tom asked.

Keisha shrugged, What do you usually do when you first get home? Well, after making sure Bear has received sufficient ear scratches, I head out to the stables for a ride. Fuck someone bismarck.

You have a stable? With horses? Keisha said surprised, then added, Well, of course, you do.

You are a real life cowboy! she said impressed.

Come on, I’ll show you.

As they headed out back to the stables, Tom inquired, Have you ever ridden a horse before? Sexyandtina hot black girl webcam. Cowboy, yes.

A horse, no, she joked with a big smile.

After their ride across his acreage and the nearby trail, they returned to the stable to cool down the horses.

Tom was extremely proud of Keisha for handling her horse so well on her first ride.

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Even in those heels, maybe you’re more of a cowgirl than you think, Tom teased her as they walked back to the house.

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