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My orgasm burst into waves all over my body and I felt my warm cum as it covered my pussy.

That’s a girl, all over my hand.

Stephen said with a grin and then licked his fingers. Sex and the city samantha sex videos.

Want to taste?He asked.

I shook my head yes still trying to calm my twitching body.

I slowly licked his fingers and enjoyed my mess.


I uttered.

I watched Stephen as he undressed and laid on top of me.

I Love you.

He whispered into my ear as he pressed his cock against my opening. Mom shows son how to fuck.

I Love you too.

I whispered back.

I felt the most amazing sensation come over my body.

The combination of his cock and those words pleased me to the core.

I wrapped my legs around Stephen and held him tightly as we made love.

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His cock felt like velvet when it caressed my twat; his bare chest grazing my nipples as he pressed in.

I moved with him as he rocked back and forth to feel his groin rub my clit.

I couldn’t help myself a second orgasm was building in my belly. Watch online free sex and the city.

I’m gonna’ cum again.

I moaned.

I want you to, baby.

He said.

Cum on my cock.

Stephen pushed a little harder and I could feel his cock deep with in me.

Faster, Yeah, Oh.

I yelled.

Stephen moved faster, plunging his cock as far as it could go; I could hear the sounds of his skin slapping my clit. Porn sex jennifer lopez.

Cum baby, yeah.

He encouraged.

I squeezed my legs around him and ground my clit against him as I came.

Live online free video sex chat usa girls. Stephen

Oh God, I’m cuming.

I screamed as I dug my nails in his shoulders.

I was experiencing the most mind blowing orgasm. Tit fuck hand job cumshot compilation.

Stephen gripped the blanket beneath me and gave a few more thrusts.


He yelled as he filled my pussy with every ounce of his semen.

Stephen collapsed next to me in the bed.

That was awesome.

He said trough his stifled breath. Isabella anal sex.

I took in a few deep breaths trying to calm the remnants of my orgasm.

Oh yes it was.

I exclaimed.

---------- Ian headed to the bathroom to clean up.

As he did he allowed his mind to recall the most recent events of the evening.

He arrived at his best friends house for one of their pizza and movie nights and discovers a sexy girl in his buddy's bedroom.

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He soon discovered that the sexy girl was, in reality, his friend Grant.

He didn't look or talk like the Grant he knew, he talked and looked like any of the hotties at school. Miley cyrus naked and getting fucked hard.

His curiosity aroused he asked Grant what he was wearing under his miniskirt, Grant refused to show him.

Ian pushed his friend back on the bed and then jumped on top to pin him there.

Grant made no move to dislodge Ian and his protests were weak and feeble. Sexy webcam tube.

Once Ian got a look at the tiny bikini panties, garter belt and nylons he lost all control.

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