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I launched into a rant: "I mean, I was in the shower, and you just came bursting in here without any clothes.

I was here first! You can't just come in here like that, and expect nothing to happen.

It's human nature.

It's your fault.

You're naked, and you look amazing. Webcam strip tubes.

What do you expect? I was here first!" Kris sighed, and then turned off the shower.

"Okay," she said.

"You can't tell the other girls about this, alright?" "About what?" I asked.

In response, Kris dropped to her knees.

She pulled my hands away from my erection. Webcam masturbate video.

Her fingers circled around the base of my cock.

Her mouth opened, and closed around the head.

It felt so amazing.

I mean I'd fantasized about something like this, but I couldn't anticipate what a blow job really felt like.

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It was a sensation my hand just couldn't produce. Sexy catwoman drawing.

Kris's mouth was so soft and wet and warm.

I felt her tongue massaging the underside of my penis, as she gently sucked it.

Her head bobbed back and forth quickly, and she provided maximum stimulation to every sensitive part of my cock.

I only lasted about two or three minutes in her mouth. Belladonna porno hd.

Maybe less.

Kris didn't hold back or drag it out.

She wanted to get me off as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When I came, she took my pulsing cock deep down her throat.

I could feel her swallowing every drop that shot out of me, and it was fucking amazing. Anilm grils sex video.

I had to steady myself against the shower wall.

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As my orgasm subsided, Kris stood up again so we were face to face.

"Congratulations," she said impatiently, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

"I just took your V-card.

Now please, let me finish showering so I can get out of here. Katy 18 pocahontas porno.

Okay?" I didn't have words, so just I nodded.

Kris turned the water back on, and continued showering.

I stood back and just watched her in stunned silence, barely able to believe what had just happened.

Several minutes later, she was done.

"Thanks, Bill," she said. Free 1 on 1 sex chat.

She gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

Then she stepped out of the shower, and pulled the curtain shut again behind her.

Unsure of what else to say, but feeling like I should say something, I called out, "Good luck with your interview.

" "Thanks," she said.

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I heard the bathroom door open and close.

And then I was alone again in the shower.

I rinsed the partially dried shampoo out of my hair.

Ryan gave herself a mental shake as she got her guitar out.

It was Saturday, and in seven days, they'd be headlining at the 9:30 Club. Blond fucked on couch.

She thought she must be excited; she kept telling herself the butterflies in her stomach meant she was excited.

She chatted with Lara and Mitch as they got ready.

Nate came in a few minutes later, and Ryan was surprised not to see Jason with him.

Mitch and Nate started talking, and Ryan turned to Lara.

"Where's Jason?" she asked.

"He and Nate usually come together.

" Lara rolled her eyes.

"Nate told me yesterday that Jason was coming with Allison.

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That's why Trout's not here.

Well, that and he had to go help his dad.

" Ryan nodded; Trout and Allison didn't mix well.

"But he'll do the sound for us at the show, right?" "Yes, relax.

" Lara chuckled.

"He'll be there.

" "Why is Allison coming?" Ryan couldn't blame Trout for staying away.

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