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Nina gasped but this time said nothing.

Monica said, I do the same with my Ron who can be a real terror.

Content her 37 year old daughter now knew her place and would do as she was told knowing she will be spanked very soon her Mum moved away. Free videosexcam nosignup.

So Monica, what kind of discipline did do you hand out?Nina just couldn’t believe her Mum was asking her friend that type of question.

Frustration took the better of her and she asked rudely, Is this necessary Mum? Free sex video chat trial. Really? Monica shouldn’t be here anyway.

Her Mum was livid.

Instead of doing as she was told she was horrified her daughter was testing her.

Well she will rise to the challenge, 37 years old or not.

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She snapped at her daughter, How dare you Nina. Amateur female sex videos.

Monica is here because I have asked her to watch.

I have the final say when you are being disciplined after all.

She turned to Monica and continued, As I was saying Monica, how do you discipline Ron?Oh Lynn, I spank him long and hard, always bent over my lap first then over the bed, with a slipper or a cane, or a heavy belt, or a large paddle, all sorts you see. Sexy camera apk.

How often Monica?Very often.

Just a spanking and the hairbrush?Well no, actually I also have a cane. Sexsi girls picture.

You see a spanking can take a long time if done properly and if I don’t have the time then the cane is very quick, and the effect on his bottom stays even longer than a spanking or even the hairbrush.

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Nina’s Mum said enthusiastically, Really, I used the cane when Head of the College. Uncensored sex cam shows no login.

Many a 16 or 17 year old girl bent over for six of the best.

Exactly, although to be fair I would not give only six.

Twelve eighteen or twenty four are the norm, and occasionally more.

Nina remembered her Mum spoke quite often about caning the girls at the College. Kristen stewart sex film.

In her first term as Head she found most of the girl’s quite unruly so on the first day of the second term she had the three naughtiest girls, the ringleaders, up on the stage at assembly.

Each had a chair in front of them as they faced the rest of the students.

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Her Mum told the girls to bend over.

She raised their skirts above their waists but kept their knickers in place and gave the first girl six of the best.

The girls face crumpled and as stroke followed stroke her legs bent and she let out louder and louder gasps. Sudbury male looking for sex free chat.

The same went for the second girl and then again the third.

The girls watching were in awe as the caning progressed, many shuffling on their seats almost in sympathy, probably thinking about their own bottoms. Helenagora mobilsexs.

Nina’s Mum said though that an hour later the three girls were caught showing their red lined bottoms to their friends.

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