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After three or four of them, I knew I was done drinking for the night.

I sat on the floor near the fireplace while the boys polished off the bottle.

Dan walked over and sat down on the couch a few feet behind me. Hiding cams sex.

Matt walked over and sat down on the floor behind me, pulling me back into him, biting my neck as soon as it was in reach, eliciting a grateful moan from me.

I reached behind me and found his cock already hard and straining against his basketball shorts. Free sex 2 way webcams privite shows.

“Seriously guys, you both suck! Tone it down a bit please.

Not like I’m gunna get lucky after that.

” Dan said, obviously irritable.

“I don’t know about that.

” Matt said.

“You may get lucky.

” He added as he reached around me and pressed his skillful fingers against my clit through my sweatpants.

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A very long, awkward silence followed his statement.

I wasn’t sure what he was implying and I knew Dan was clueless.

“Ok fine, I’ll say it.

Hey Dan, you want to fuck my wife with me?” Matt finally said. Sex cam chat live arabe.

“What the fuck Matt?” I said angrily.

We had discussed having a threesome, but decided to not just jump into anything without some forethought, and my best friend was never brought up as an addition. Girls and lust for sex in westminster california.


What are you talking about man? Jen and I have never fooled around.

” Dan said.

“Why the hell would we now?” “Well, we’ve been thinking about having a three-way.

And I’d consider this a sign from god.

She trusts you more than anyone other than me. Fuck um all.

Katy took off, and well, come on.

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You both must have thought about it.

” Matt said.

Well, we’ve made out a couple of times in high school so of course.

But still Matt…” I said.

You can’t be serious right now.

” “Alright fine peanut gallery.

What about what Dan thinks?” Matt said, turning his attention to Dan, ignoring my plea for his sanity. Free southafrican sexchat sites.

Matt got up from behind me and headed back into the kitchen.

“Ok, so I’ll admit that yeah, I’ve thought about it.

But I’ve never had a threesome, and this kind of thing can ruin a friendship. Live chat germen girls sex lesbin.

” Dan said.

“Ok fine.

It was just an idea.

No big deal.

” Matt said trying to brush off the failure as he walked over and resumed his position behind me with a bottle of champagne in hand, taking generous swigs off of it.

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