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With that in mind, here goes: There was a tendency to have our parties and things at Charlie’s for the simple reason that his house was best-suited for it; it was in a somewhat central location, making it more or less equally accessible for all; it was big and seemed almost designed for social events, with an extra large kitchen and a family/dining/living room area with a very open floor plan; he had a large deck, patio and pool area out back - and, while the pool would not be an option for a party so late in the year, the large hot tub, deck, and patio most assuredly would. Wincanton male for some sexy dark chocolate.

In addition, the lots in his neighborhood were large and fairly private, nothing less than one acre, with the homes set well back from the street, most of them well-screened from the neighbors by generous serpentine berms and plantings of trees and shrubs.

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The biggest thing though was the fact that Charlie loves to entertain.

Larger parties like this he would have catered (with Louis and I providing generous and eager financial support in lieu of holding the parties at our homes), while for smaller and more intimate get-togethers he would often do the cooking himself, or have a lady that has cooked and helped him for years with various social events do it. Sexy webcam girl gif.

Charlie is actually a very good cook and loves to dabble in gourmet foods, but Margaret is better.

Margaret has been with Charlie forever, outlasting all three of his wives; she helps him as needed with cooking (and small-scale parties, as mentioned), does his cleaning and housekeeping, and probably knows him better than anyone but his doctor should be required to know him.

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She’s somewhere between fortyfive and seventy-five – your guess is as good as mine – and with her abrupt mannerisms, stern countenance, and German accent comes across as sort of a Teutonic version of Genghis Khan until you get to know her better, at which point you find out that she’s actually much more like Attila the Hun. Cam yang sex android.

The two of them get along great in a relationship that is strictly platonic and often acerbic; she deals with his often crude and abrasive personality by giving it right back to him three-fold, and often threatens to wait until he’s sleeping and geld him. Live sex chat india.

She’s more than able to hold her own in the face of his overbearing personality, and Charlie loves it.

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It’s an odd friendship, but it seems to work for them.

And, as I mentioned, she’s a great cook.

I suppose that can offset a lot of personality issues.

I’d left Allison in charge of coming up with Halloween costume ideas for us, knowing that she would have fun with it and take the opportunity to let her creative juices flow, but I was still feeling some slight trepidation for what she might come up with. Porno web cam.

I’m a fairly repressed person I guess you’d say, and the ability to don a costume and publicly become someone – or something – else, setting all of my inhibitions aside and going with the flow is not an ability I possess; in other words, I feel somewhat silly and self-conscious doing the whole costume party thing – and the more outlandish the costume, the sillier I feel.

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Nonetheless, as a partner in the firm I was committed to attending our company party, but I remained hopeful that we could make an appearance, shake a few hands, have a couple drinks, chat around the room a bit, and make an early exit.

I should have known better. Rt sex cams online net.

That Saturday morning, the day of the party, the day started off clear and sunny, warm, but with a slight breeze and the crispness of fall definitely in the air.

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