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We weren’t even fucking yet - he was just trying to get inside me.

“Oh my god, you are ridiculously tight!” he told me.

“I bet they’ve all been tight with a cock like this!” I said, between groans. Alison taylor porno video.

He was now easing his was in and out of me at a very slow pace to loosen me up.

I was still only taking about half his length but it felt like I had two of Adam inside me already.

I looked down and saw that my juices were coating his dick, making it slick. Lesbian text sex chat.

“You ready for this?” he asked.

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I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant but I nodded yes because I was ready for anything he wanted to do.

With that, he grabbed my hips and gave one sharp thrust, slamming the rest of his cock inside me. Free indian aunties webcam chat.

I screamed out with pleasure and shock and his dick stretched me and reached depths that no man has even been to.

I looked over at Adam and Tiffany who I had all but forgotten about in the last few minutes.

Tiffany was riding him in the cowgirl position, facing away from us.

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She was bouncing and grinding on him, while moaning and saying she was going to cum any second.

Nick was now fucking me at a medium pace and I felt another orgasm building deep inside me.

With a dick like this, he didn’t need to go fast. Porno seks live.

Every stroke touched every nerve ending in my cunt and sent sparks through me with every movement.

My orgasms generally took a while to build and needed some serious clitoral stimulation.

With Nick, I felt a tidal wave building inside me with each thrust. On live 3gpusa sex video.

Suddenly, I couldn't hold back.

My whole body tensed.

My vagina clamped around Nick’s thrusting cock.

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