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Sure enough it sounded like they were beginning to have sex. Hot sexy busty milf. I looked at the others who were all watching me from the front door and made a fist with one hand using my finger going in and out of my fist to signal they were having sex.

Everyone else came sneaking over and all of us are crowded against Vic’s door listening to him and that blonde chick having sex. Sexy blonde pron. The chick was yelling out, “Fuck me fast and hard!” Then she said, “Use your finger there, yea right there!”

Nikki, Katie and Kelli were all making shocked faces and smiling really big. Nude hot sexy jesse jane. Finally when the sex stopped we all quietly scrambled back out to the front porch. Sexy blonde bikini striptease. In a few minutes the blonde sorority chick came out, Vic walked her down to the street and she resumed her jogging.

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As she ran around the street corner I yelled at Vic, “Is she now gonna regularly stop by for sex as part of her running routine?”

Vic yelled back, “You asshole!”

We were all laughing hard. Vic came up on the porch and asked us the big question. “Did y’all listen at the door?”

We all giggled.

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