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Colleen moaned quietly into Katie's mouth and I felt her start to move her hips just slightly to grind against the vibrator in my hand.

But, the initial shock was short lived; Colleen quickly pushed Katie away, and blocked the vibrator with one hand.

"What…the fuck are you two doing?" she asked incredulously.

"I'm gonna level with you, boss, you're a fucking cunt to everyone in this office, and as much as I'd like to slap you every time I see you…" Katie paused for a moment, and lightly caressed Colleen's flushed cheek, "…I think the better way to deal with this little problem is to fuck you…every way that we can think of.

" Colleen just stared back blankly, at a complete loss for how to respond.

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Katie leaned forward and planted a small wet kiss on the corner of Colleen's mouth.

Colleen didn't pull away.

A few tense moments passed before anyone said anything.

Finally, Colleen broke the silence.

"OK," she whispered. Sex fb girl chating.

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Katie gently grasped Colleen's hand, brought it to her mouth, and slowly swirled her tongue around Colleen's ring and middle fingers.

"Touch me," she said quietly.

Tentatively, Colleen reached forward and lifted Katie's skirt, exposing her red lacy panties. Gif sex milf glasses.

I watched, basically dumbfounded, as Colleen slowly pulled the panties downward and slipped her fingers through the folds of Katie's pussy.

"Fuck me, dammit," Katie practically growled, as a guttural moan escaped her lips when Colleen complied by sliding her two saliva-slicked fingers into Katie's cunt. Phimsexvietnam.

Katie nodded toward me, having obviously noticed the bulge in my pants.

"Come on over.

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