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Before I ask you, I have to tell you where I'm coming from.

I understand now that I've been abusing you.

" "Vickie, I.

" "Please, Charlie.


You were about to tell me that you may have over-reacted.

Right?" "Um, yes, something like that.

" "Don't.

It's a classic abuse victim reaction to a successful mollification. Sex chat small tits.

I'm taking that class this term and you might benefit from reading my textbook.

Now as I was saying.

I don't like thinking of myself as an abuser and, until you, I didn't have a history of ignoring people.

friends who tell me that I'm hurting them.

I'm young and I have some emotional growing to do and I've gained some experience that I need to learn from.

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I value your friendship and I understand that I don't deserve this yet, but I'm seeking forgiveness.

" "But you already had forgiveness, Vickie.

" "Wait.

I have to get this out.

Thank you for forgiving me, but I'm seeking this forgiveness from myself.

People who hold grudges are like cans that hold acid. Livesex on webcam.

The acid eventually destroys the can.

Forgiving someone neutralizes the acid and prevents further damage to the can.

You've forgiven your father, haven't you.

" "Yes.

" "And your mother for not protecting you from him.

" "Yes.

" "And now me.

But you'll never forget what we did to you and you'll never be able to trust us again.

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We were like Lucy, but you're not like Charley Brown any more.

Right? You've learned to walk away from the football.

That's what abuse survivors learn, so please allow me to do what I need to do to forgive myself.

I guess you could say that I want to use you without abusing you. Asyuxa1994 sexy girls for fuck in skype.

I have learned something very important about myself from you.

Something that cost me very dearly and something I don't want to ever pay the price of learning again.

On top of that, I believe that what I can still learn from you could be very beneficial to my future and I don't want to lose that because of the mistakes I've made in past.

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I think I have a way to make a new friendship worth your while.

" I could tell he was intrigued.

He sat back down in his chair and there we were, two ex-friends who loved each other sitting naked and discussing the possibility of a future together.

Clearly, trying to have a close platonic friendship didn't work. To sexy girl.

Maybe it could now, but I knew that there would always be this trust issue between us.

I'd lost the ability to earn trust, but since it did seem that I could rent it, maybe I could buy it.

That probably seems confusing, but bear with me.

One of my big fears about having sex with Charlie earlier was because I didn't want to lose him like I'd lost every guy that I had ever had sex with.

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Charlie was the first to dump me before and the first who didn't make me feel used when he did.

I had rented trust, or maybe it's better to say that I guaranteed trustworthiness by laying a lot of money down.

That had helped Charlie get past a very tough psychological barrier. Naked webcam.

I was now fairly certain that he would not fall in love with me or want to have a long term committed romantic relationship with me.

We liked each other and we loved each other, but not like 'til death do us part love.

I explained my thinking on all this to Charlie and he readily agreed. Face to face sex chat.

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And because I told you earlier that I can read his emotions from his face, I can tell you that he genuinely agreed.

It had been about six weeks since the day I found myself set aside by Charlie and in that time, although I got off to a slow start, I had begun to lead an examined life. Www usagaysexvideos.

I questioned behavior that I once took for granted.

It took an emotional smack down from an emotional abuse victim to make me realize that toying with another person can cause emotional pain for both of us.

But somehow I had learned that toying with a man after being dumped by another was a way to get a satisfying emotional high.

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When one man drove me down, I liked, wanted and maybe even needed to learn that I could still get the thrill of being wanted by a man.

Not just any man, because any girl can go out and get the attention of some random stranger in some meet market like an arcade or a bar or even a campus library.

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