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Then the wand’s round head made contact with my clit and IT.




My mouth open in an unrealized scream, my neck bent backward, my entire body convulsing and pulling at its bonds, my mind numb, I fought and struggled to escape the incomprehensible sensation spreading from between my legs. Katiuskasex free no sign up sex text chat.

Was it pain? Was it pleasure? It was neither, or it was both, it was too much of something but I still don’t know what.

My struggle was genuine and if I had not been restricted so well, I likely would have hit my master in my spasms.

When the wand left my tortured skin, the sensation did not leave immediately. Flirtyvirgin4u lokal sexsi xxx.

It felt like my groin was still vibrating on its own, and a heat spread from it uncontrollably.

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I hung from the cross, panting, not fully aware of what had just happened.

Was it normal for it to feel this way? When I looked up I could see on my master’s face that he was unsure of whether he should continue. Camgirl strip.

He likely had not expected such an extreme reaction from me.

I tried to consider this myself.

While it had felt like torture, the heat it left behind was like a void that wanted to be filled.

Can… can you please continue? I heard myself say in a small voice. Live sex direct.

The look of concern on my master’s face turned into a smirk as he turned the wand back on and approached me.

You like being tortured like this? He asked as he pushed the wand against my spread open sex.

I vaguely muttered a yes in between my moans, unable once again to stay still, but this time enjoying the overwhelming vibrations that ran through my whole body.

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My master toyed with me, moving the wand back and forth, stimulating my clit and then my entrance and then back, making little circles.

He would then spread my lips with his fingers so that the wand could more thoroughly assault my clit, and that would send me screaming and convulsing like nothing else. Ladies turton seeking sex.

And while it was devastating, it also was incredible, and the more I wanted it to stop the more I craved it.

It felt like forever, but it was probably only a few minutes before my master turned the device off and took me with his shaft.

The wand had not satiated me, it had merely increased my arousal to a previously unreached level, so the rhythmic pounding of his dick sent overwhelming waves of pleasure through me.

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Probably because of his own frustrated arousal - he had not even come once yet - it was not too long before he hastily untied me, pushed me on my knees and started fucking my face with the intention of coming.

When warm liquid started spurting out of him, I instinctively let it land across my face and rubbed it all over my cheeks and mouth. Garda seeking sex garda.

Retrospectively, I’m not sure why I didn’t simply swallow it as I usually do.

I think I was so hungry for it that I wanted to feel it on my skin, to make myself dirty, to remind my master that I was his and his only.

When I looked up at him I could see that he was not displeased with this; in fact, mixed with the pleasure from his relief, I could read surprise and slight amusement in his expression.

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He let out a chuckle as he remarked, I thought you’d swallow so that we wouldn’t make a mess… I simply smiled back, slightly embarrassed, but proud for having prevented a mess nonetheless by catching it all with my face.

I felt myself being pulled up and brought toward a contraption that had been described to us as a swing. Skype names of sexy girls for free web chat.

It was a squared net created by intersecting leather straps, connected to the ceiling by cables attached to each of the net’s four angles.

I sat on it as I would on a hammock, and was surprised at how comfortable this position was, though the leather straps dug cruelly into my rear. Live message sex chat with girls.

Two loops of leather were hanged at either side of the net and I rested my thighs inside each one, with the result that my legs were again kept spread wide.

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Other than that, I was - for the first time that day, perhaps - entirely unrestrained.

My master’s tongue returned to tantalize my sex and I squirmed and moaned in pleasure. Webcam girs.

How long was he going to continue with his games? Then it was gone and when I reopened my eyes I saw the magic wand had appeared again.

As it landed on my already abused opening, my limbs jerked uncontrollably as they had before.

However, this time they were not bound, and the loops holding my thighs apart were not meant to hold them tightly. Best group sex porn.

In the frenzy that had taken me, my legs had come free and I could not stop them from closing onto the wand.

At that, the wand was promptly turned off and a rain of firm slaps landed on my thighs.

Did I tell you to close your legs?

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Put them back up! My master reprimanded me angrily. Girl for sex.

I did as he instructed, and withstood as he continued spanking the insides of my thighs.

He then slapped my sex directly, the impact of his hand on my swollen clit making me jump with pleasure and pain.

The wand was back again, and this time I fought with all my strength to keep my legs in place. Hot sex webcams.

Being tied to the cross had actually been much easier, as I could let myself be engulfed by the vibration, both mind, and body.

Now, I had to consciously focus my energy to restrain my movements without the help of actual bonds.

On top of that, I felt my much-delayed orgasm starting to build, somewhere deep between those waves of heat and agony. Usa aunty sex chat free.

My master must have read that in me since he warned, Whatever you do, don’t come.

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Not yet.

I inwardly cursed myself as I fought against all my instincts, battling to control the ever-growing pleasure on top of restraining my convulsing body.

Just when I thought I could resist no longer, my master would turn the wand off and deliver some more swats to my thighs, occasionally hitting my sex as well, making me want to scream. Teen anal sex webcam.

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