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Helen thought carefully about it. "Oh come on?" Jackie shouted.

"When was the last time for you?" Helen shouted back.

"Just over an hour ago," Jackie said. "With Dillon, while you were sleeping and before everyone came over."

"Oh, I didn't know you two…" Helen began to say.

"We aren't," Dillion said. "We just fucked. Barstow sex ladies. No strings attached."

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"This morning," Debra said smiling. "The delivery guy was very good looking."

"Oh," Helen said shaking her head.

"What?" Jackie asked.

"Nothing," Helen replied defensively. "I just couldn't do that."

"Because sex is supposed to be with someone you love?" Jeff laughed.

"Yeah," Helen replied.

"Who says?" Cathy replied.

"I fucked a guy on the plane when I went to go visit my husband," Karen admitted looking at Helen as if she had just said that she had made popcorn.

"Did you tell him?" Helen asked.

"No," Karen shook her head laughing. "Why should I? He doesn't tell me when he fucks his secretary or any of the other women he takes to his bed."

Jackie got up and sat next to her friend. "Why do you think sex.

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