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They all spoke French, and then laughed a little.

My lover leaned over my shoulder and told me not to move as it could ruin the tattoo.

Then this young guy reached over and pulled my t-shirt over my breasts. Tube porno gimnastik.

He started pinching my nipples, baby…really hard.

” Matt followed Laurie’s lead and grabbed the dusky rose tip of her milky white breast, pulling it with his fingers.

“Like this, Mommy?” Laurie gasped again as Matt pulled her nipple away from her tit. Teen sex hidden camera.

“Yes, baby…just like that.

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Her voice was pure lust as she continued.

“He hurt me baby, and I let him keep doing it.

Then…I don’t know…his pants were down and he was rubbing his cock over my mouth.

They were all laughing…I don’t know…but then he was in my mouth, baby. Masheri sexy chat no account.

” Matt looked down at her with an expression I’d never seen.

His voice dropped again, but his dominance was supremely evident.

“Did you suck him into your throat? Did you let a guy walk in off the street and swallow his cum?” He was ripping into her cunt, stretching her and pulling her with every change of direction.

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Laurie nodded up at him, unable to speak as he kept up the incessant pounding.

“Christ,” he spat the words out in disgust, “you’re such a fuckin’ slut, Mother!” He was so deep in her, his huge plum-shaped prick-head was through her cervix. Xxxsexylexy webcam private.

Laurie saw stars from the combination of the pain and the ultimate pleasure she was getting from her son, her lover…her man.

The building wave of her orgasm washed over her, cresting and crushing her as she heard him call her a slut.

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