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Our love making this evening is free, and uninhibited.

A sense of wonder, a sense of newness, pervades.

We finish within seconds of one another.

I lie beside her, drawing out the after play until she drowses off to sleep in my arms.

It is early in the morning and my bladder is making its presence known. Fuck sexy women caddo oklahoma sex.

Naked, I pad down the hall to the bathroom and relieve myself.

I sponge off with a warm cloth and drink several glasses of cold water.

Refreshed, I wander downstairs to peruse the contents of Joanna's refrigerator.

Finding a pitcher of orange juice, I remove it and close the door.

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The sound of the front door opening startles me.

Before I can react, the kitchen is bathed in brilliance.

I turn.

A gasp, and a woman's voice says, "Shit! Now I know why my daughter signed up for your class!" I am embarrassed.

Here I am, nude in someone else's kitchen, caught by the mother of the teenage girl I have just bedded. Leonora2015 webcam video foto porn.

I quickly cross to the table and sit down -- on the opposite side from the woman standing in the doorway.

My modesty is somewhat preserved by the intervening table.

"Er…Ah…" I manage intelligently.

"You are Dr.


I am Joanna's mother, Rachel," she laughs.

"And, obviously, you have just come from my daughter's bed!" "Ah…Er, you see…" "Strange.

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Joanna never mentioned you had a speech impediment," and again she surprises me with her deep, throaty laugh.

"So, aren't you going to offer me some of that orange juice?" She walks to the cabinet, removes two glasses, and places them in front of me as she seats herself opposite me. Hot sexy ladies.

I pour.

What else can I do? "Well, Mrs.


" "Please, call me 'Rachel,'" again the laughter.

"Under the present circumstances, I think 'Mrs.

Combs' is a bit too formal!" "Well, I was just helping Joanna with a problem," a raised eyebrow causes me to reconsider my unfortunate choice of words, "and one thing sorta led to another.

" Her brown eyes washed over my face.


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Joanna can be most demanding at times.

Go on.

" "Well, I made love with your daughter.

That's the short of it.

" "Hmm.

No dissembling.

I like that.

And, do you love my daughter?" "No.

Call it a strong attraction.

But not 'love.

'" "That's good, because Joanna has to finish her education first.

" "I suppose you will report this. Webcam chat no sign up android.

I'll offer my resignation first thing Monday morning.

" "No need, Doctor.

May I call you 'Storm?' I think this incident can be resolved between us to my satisfaction.

Don't you?" Rachel's hand during this exchange is at her throat.

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As she asks the question, she slowly moves her hand under her pearls and into the scooped neck of the black cocktail dress. Xtastyjamx untouched sex video free download.

It moves lazily over her breast.

She continues, "By the way, if you're wondering why I am here, and not at the party: My husband walked out on me tonight.

We had an argument, and he stormed out of the place.

I got even: I took the car and came home.

" She looks me straight in the eyes and continues, "He's done this before. Guys naked sexy.

He won't be back before Monday night.

" She rises and crosses to my side of the table.

She looks down at me and remarks, "Maybe we'd better take this into the living room?" She turns and leaves the kitchen, turning off the light on her way out.

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I rise and follow her to the living room. Hot webcam girls online.

The fire has died down to a soft glow that still manages to warm and illuminate.

Rachel is seated on the couch.

"Come, Storm.

Sit by me.

" I do.

She places a hand on my naked thigh.

I jump involuntarily, then settle an arm around her shoulders.

My hand rests just under her chin. Amature live webcam.

I turn her face towards me and lower my lips to hers.

Her lips are warm and soft, and strangely hesitant.

She kisses me lightly.

I move my hand from her chin to her cheek.

As I kiss her, she relaxes.

Her lips part and I can feel her breath in my mouth.

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My tongue tastes her lips and moves across her teeth. Tom jones sex bomb.

Her lips part further, and my tongue darts past her final defenses and engages hers.

Our tongues wrestle.

I suck hers deep into my mouth and taste her saliva.

She relaxes completely and surrenders her mouth to mine.

Her hand moves on my thigh, back and forth. Android webcam adult chat.


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