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You tickle my head with your tongue and lick up and down my shaft before taking me in your beautiful warm mouth.

I can feel your tongue pressing against the underside of my shaft.

You feel fantastic, but I want something more.

Maybe it was that my level of trust had grown. Porno chat mexico.

Maybe I was a little less worried about my ability to perform for you, but I decide I want to be inside you.

When I ask you, your eyes pop open and a smile crosses your lips! That makes me feel like a king.

You sit on the edge of the bed and take out a condom - I'm so glad one of us is prepared! Essex phone number. You want me to put it on, but I ask you to do it - another chance to watch you play with my cock - right at eye level.

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You slip the condom on, and ask me what position I would prefer.

I ask you back, but you tell me it is my turn.

I decide that I want to watch your face as I fuck you, watch your beautiful breasts dance as my cock pushes deeper into you. Hot hot sexy girl.

I want to see where you put your hands, whether you look at me or close your eyes, whether you fuck fast or slow, whether you want me in deep and hard, or nice and gentle.

I want to be your tool.

You don't disappoint.

You kneel over me and put your hand between your legs. Cam to cam sexy chat.

You grab my cock and push it against your swollen lips.

As it slips in, you draw a breath and look right into my eyes.

You put your hands on my chest and lower yourself a little more.

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Your pussy feels tight against my swollen cock, and your fingers feel hot as they gently dig into my chest. Older women for sex trois.

Your pussy doesn't want to let me in all the way at first, so we work it gently for a while, both of us breathing deeply and enjoying the heat.

Finally, I feel your beautiful ass touch my thighs, and I know I'm all the way in.

With my hands holding your hips, I push myself up inside of you as deep as I can go. Sexy femdom women.

We start slowly, with a nice rhythm, but quickly pick up the pace.

We are both breathing heavily, and your moaning just makes me hotter.

I slide my hands up to squeeze your tits and play with your nipples - those beautiful nipples.

You ride me harder and faster, until I am sure I will explode - but we keep going.

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Each of us has broken into a light sweat, and your body is starting to glisten again.

The sensation of my cock slipping in and out of you is mind-blowing.

I watch your pussy as you raise your hips up and down, my wet shaft sliding in and out of you, with your lips tugging back, trying to hold me in. Karina kapur sex photo.

Then I start to feel my orgasm building - I can tell it is going to be big.

I dig my fingers into your ass and start pounding.

I don't know if I am talking or moaning or anything, I just know that I'm in heaven.

If I could freeze this moment, I would.

You respond by pushing back against me - harder, faster, harder, faster. Stripelita i fel like having sexxxxxxxx let sexchart.

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My toes curl in ecstasy.

Your head bows over with your mouth wide open and your hair hanging in your face.

Finally, like being struck by lightening, my orgasm bolts through my body.

I stiffen up, push myself as deep into you as I can, and release.

Fucking incredible.

"Karen, remove your blouse, please.

" Mr. Sexy porn jerk off instructions videos.

Decker watched impatiently as I fumbled with the buttons, finally slipping the last one through the hole and shrugging off my top.

My nipples hardened further, both from the chill in the room and the rush of the humiliation.

I felt like a whore, and I loved it. Sophia rossi porno.

I wanted these two powerful men to use and degrade me.

My pussy clenched at the thought of what might lie in store for me.

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I was jolted out of my thought by Richard's fingers pinching my nipples roughly.

He bent and sucked a nipple into his mouth, groaning.

"Fucking perfect tits, John. Free sex chat porn bhabhi.

Have you thought about inducing lactation in this slut? Imagine these swollen with milk, these perky little nipples leaking milk all day long.

" He went back to sucking, switching from my left breast to my right.

Apparently, Richard was a boob man.

"First things first, Richard. Lissabogemma sxs sexs.

As I mentioned, this slut gives wonderful head and seems to have a real taste for cum.

But before I do anything else I want to get her ass ready for my cock.

She's had a plug in since yesterday, and she assures me that she's clean, so perhaps we can have a little fun with that today.

" Richard reluctantly pulled off of my nipple, giving each breast a rough squeeze.

"That sounds perfect.

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Let's have a look at that tight little asshole.

" Mr.

Decker made a turning motion with his finger.

"Turn around and bend over the desk, Karen.

Oh, and remove the rest of your clothing.

It'll only be in the way.

" I did as he asked, my chest resting on his desk, my ass in the air. Anesteishen free chat fuck apps.

He kneed my legs apart until I was spread wide, then began slowly pulling out the thick plug.

I moaned at the stretching sensation.

"Ah, you like that, don't you?" Both men laughed, and I felt a finger swipe through my pussy.

"Christ, she's wet.

I'm almost tempted to fuck that sweet cunt but I'd really like a go at her ass.

" I froze. Mimimmi usa sexting chat.


Decker had implied that it would be some time before he fucked me there, and I'd be using the plugs to stretch myself first.

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Would he let this client of his take me there already? His next words answered my question.

"Well, let's see how things look after we get this plug out.

" With a pop the plug left my body, and I felt strangely empty.

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