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Just started some.” He turns and leans against the counter with a smile. Milafox0109 gay black webcam anonymous. I give back a half smile and reach into the fridge. I chug down water and glimpse at him crossing his arms. He seems oddly cheerful this morning. Edidan free gay sex chat sites. I put the cap back on and lean against the counter across from him, the kitchen island between us.

“Better?” He asks.

“Much,” I reply nodding. “Now I remember why I don’t drink too often.” He lets out a short laugh.

“You only had a few shots,” he says. Free gay sex movies online. He’s making fun of me.

Well, we can’t all be immune to liquor until an entire bottle is consumed now can we?” I reply and he laughs again.

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“I guess not. Not that I can help that though.”

See, that’s why I prefer smoking with you. We can get on the same level with roughly the same amount of substance.” Making small talk with him is easier than I’d anticipated. This is the most we’ve talked since Tuesday. With the exception of last night, having Kyle as a mediator.

He nods his head. “Fair enough. Free gay webcams with no sign up. For what it’s worth, I drank enough to be buzzing with you.

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