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This time, Lauren Halliday was going to receive another dose of “encouragement” to help her to master the mathematical skills she needed in order to achieve her target grade. Plus size chubby porn webcam.

Clare O’Driscoll smiled at the blonde-haired sixth former, who continued to sniff and sob quietly although no tears were falling from her eyes.

She turned and walked to the front of her classroom and opened the doors to the tall cupboard that stood to the right-hand side of the room. Sex education serial online pl.

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Lauren knew what was coming her way and looked down at her table.

She had been punished by her dark-haired Maths teacher three times already that year.

To be honest, Clare O’Driscoll was one of the gentler teachers at St. Sexy teens nude at the beach.

Katherine’s School when it came to administering punishments, and the eighteen-year-old girl didn’t mind a spanking from her if it meant that she could go home soon afterwards.

The tall, slim Maths Mistress rummaged around in the cupboard for a few moments before bringing out the implements that she needed.

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She closed the doors to the wooden cupboard quietly and walked the short distance to the front row of student desks where she laid her thick wooden ruler, small oval-shaped leather paddle (identical to the one which Head Girl Kim Campbell had spanked Lauren with earlier that year for failing to attend a netball fixture) and her school strap. Sex in mesa mo.

Clare took a deep breath and turned back to her desk where she pulled out her leather-backed chair, rolling it across the floor until she had it where she wanted it. Webcams for phones porn.

She sat down and ironed the creases from her short black skirt which had risen up revealing her long and shapely legs.

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