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Mind you if I met one like Dan, I mean if it was like that all the time…" Pat stopped for a moment, doubt flickering across her face. "Where do you live?"

"We just bought a place, but I've been away for half a year, I can barely remember exactly where it is, West of London, not as far as Oxford."

"Oh well, pity."

"Go on, you can't get mysterious like that, I've just told you some of my innermost secrets."

Pat reached out to June, took both of her hands. "I live up North. Free sex webcam face to face chat. I'd steal Dan off you if I had half a chance, but I don’t think I could. Sex stockings threesome. Hang onto him June. Bigpapaya live face to face sex cams. Whatever it takes, hang on to him."

For a second their eyes met. "Thanks," June smiled. "Yeah, thanks. I know, I just got things onto the wrong foot. One more crazy day and we're done."

"Do you have to fuck the boys?"

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"I did promise."

A sad smile fell across Pat's face.

"I promise I won't steal Matt."

"Sure, but you'll give him a better fuck than I do… Actually, maybe that's a good thing. Issis47 chat cam sex face face. Yeah, give him the best you've got, something to remember from this holiday because I think I'll dump him when we get home." A quizzical devious look swept across Pat's face. "I want someone like Dan."

June stared at her, unsure what to think. 'I've screwed up this woman's life,' she thought. 'I risked losing Dan, made myself feel like shit and I've broken up a perfectly normal couple.'

"Look," she said. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have dragged you into this.

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