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Various neon beer signs posters and cigarette smoke hung throughout.

In the center of the room was a narrow hallway that contained the doors to the bathrooms and through the hallway was a vacant room where there was a pool table and jukebox with a few bar stools and small hightop tables. Young girl webcam forum.

There were only a handful of people in the bar and they were all sitting at the bar with a crusty and heavily worn, older woman working behind the bar who was dangling a cigarette from her lips while she talked to the patrons.

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They all knew each other fairly well by their conversation and were surprised to see two young people who looked so out of place walk through their door. Kristiiii pornografi sex live.

Being a random Wednesday night past 8:30 pm, I didn’t expect too many more people walking in through the front door.

It was just the kind of place that I was looking for.

See, this was a test for Courtney to see if she was capable of helping me break my stream of prissy girls who drank $9 martini’s (that was very expensive for a drink in the early 2000’s) who expected to be waiting on hand and foot.

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I also thought this might impress her as I suddenly went from a guy who could get a table on demand at a ritzy restaurant to a guy who can roll up his sleeves and shoot some stick on the pool table in a dirty dive bar. Free cam 2 cam sex trial.

And truthfully, I was and still am naturally comfortable in either environment.

I asked her if she wanted to play pool or have a drink at one of the tables. Bongacams webcam.

I was thrilled when she said that she wanted to play pool.

So I got us some beers and a few dollars in quarters for the pool table from the bartender and we headed through the hallway to the back room.

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