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Olivia oddly felt more comfortable in Trey’s lap.

She could detect that David was ogling at her tits to her side, which were jiggling in her bra due to the bouncing of the road.

This was nothing new, so Olivia didn’t launch an effort to deter him.

The next two minutes of the ride were scenic but uneventful. I want to sex chat with girl.

That was until Olivia felt movement stirring under her round butt.

How did I know… As hard as Trey tried to control it, the sensation of Olivia’s warm, spherical booty sitting on his mesh basketball shorts was too much.

His aroused penis was starting to win the battle over his mind. 77karina77 sex.

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Olivia felt the rod elongating underneath of her.

Due to being trapped by Olivia’s weight, the erection grew off to the side against Trey’s thigh.

She kept telling herself that it was natural and that she shouldn’t panic.

She started conversation with David about lifeguarding to try taking her mind off of it. Trial sex.

It didn’t work out to well, because every time the truck bounced she was reacquainted with the feeling.

She could feel its outline with her left butt cheek.

Oh my God, it’s gotta be at least 3 inches longer than Charlie’s.

Wait… stop thinking about that, you idiot. Webcam girl 14.

But the more Olivia tried to stop thinking about it, the more she ended up thinking about it.

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She knew, however, that as long as it stayed like it was then things would be okay in the end.

That plan became painfully hard to follow, since whenever the conversation between her and David fell silent, she could hear Trey wince in pain a few inches from her ear. Young petite fuck.

Olivia realized that his erect shaft being held down in that direction must have been hell.

There was no stoplight in sight and Olivia knew Trey was in a tortuous position.

Olivia first thought of sliding up towards his knees to take the pressure off, but with the seatbelt pinning her back against Trey’s broad chest, that wouldn’t work.

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She couldn’t just tell him to move it because he may then feel embarrassed by the erection he couldn’t control.

Olivia had to let him know that he could adjust himself, while also not making it seem like he was doing something wrong.

Thinking back to how she handled similar situations in the park, Olivia turned her head back towards the outside of the truck to have a private chat with Trey. Porno online lesbian facesitting.

His face was at her level now.

He had a guilty look, but Olivia was all smiles.

Hey, Trey, can you adjust the angle of your hard-on? It just feels a little weird pressing against one cheek.

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Trey was stunned that he wasn’t being scolded.

She didn’t even complain about the erection, just its awkward positioning. Sex cam bigelow ar.

Uh, yeah of course, he obliged.

Thanks! Olivia expressed her gratitude.

A moment later, Olivia felt Trey’s hand sliding in between their bodies.

Olivia hoisted herself up slightly off of Trey’s lap to give him the room his hand needed to maneuver.

Got it, she heard whispered behind her. Large ebony dating sexual encounters.

Olivia carefully sat down on Trey’s lap, ready to trap his long erection against his abs.

However, when her rear rested on the mesh shorts, the erection wasn’t pressing against her tailbone.

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It was angled up and out, directly in between her legs.

Olivia tried to realign herself by making smaller adjustments, but all she succeeded in doing was moving the pressure of the bulbous head from the edge of her labia to the center of her thong. Sex goldy porn.

The truck hit a major bump and an involuntary moan escaped Olivia’s mouth.

Trey’s cock had pushed her skirt and thong into her opening for just a split second.

I can’t believe that just happened.

Was he in me? Heat and wetness flooded Olivia’s mound.

She had a thick black cock tapping at her entrance. Sexsi gerl.

Charlie made a turn onto another dirt road that was a connector to another major road in the woods.

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This road was even more neglected and Olivia began to bounce with the truck on Trey’s lap.

Then another major bump hit, Olivia popped up a couple inches and slammed down onto Trey’s groin. Online dirty chat with sexy girls.

Trey then felt warm moisture on the tip of his dick.

The wet spot in Olivia’s thong had soaked through her skirt and through his thin shorts and boxers.

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