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You’re welcome.

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It had been almost three years since the accident, and Carol had been pretty much been housebound since the truck driver had taken away her sight and her former life.

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She remembered what it was like before the accident.

She'd had a good job as a commercial loan officer with a local bank and had a promising career there. Camgirlvideos org.

She made good money, and worked with a great bunch of people.

She also had a fairly active social life.

Carol was a pretty popular girl - outgoing and flirtatious with both the boys and the girls.

She had a big social circle.

And while she wasn't firmly attached to anyone in particular, she did have a couple of very interested suitors who she thought might someday want to take the next step. Malayalam sex sex girl.

Yeah, it was a pretty good life and she was very happy.

That is, until that fateful day when she just happened to cross paths with the man who would change her whole world.

Coolmood webcam. Carol

Now she had no job and no social life.

Her small one-bedroom apartment was her whole world. Hardcore sex online.

The only time she left it was when she needed to buy groceries.

and that was just a walk down one flight of stairs and to the left of her apartment building one block, to the small local "mom and pop" convenience store.

The owners, a nice Italian couple, knew her well and they were always very kind and helpful. Beloved_sweet b line porno.

Her best girlfriend, Anna, came by to see her at least once a week to check on her and see if she needed anything.

Anna and Carol had been close friends for many years since Anna had moved to Bismarck.

They were the best of friends long before the accident, and she stayed with Carol almost constantly while she was in the hospital recovering.

Coolmood webcam. Carol
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Anna was there when the doctor had given Carol the news about her eyesight, and Anna was the one who pulled her out of the resulting deep depression.

Since then, she had been coming by regularly and Carol always looked forward to her visit.

Anna was practically the only visitor she had, except for the people from the disability assistance program that stopped by every month to ask if there was anything they could do for her. Online sex chat with girls right now without registration or money.

Carol hated that visit because they would always seems so patronizing - telling her how she "should not let her blindness keep her from enjoying life.

" Such nonchalant statements from people who had no idea what it was like to be blind just pissed Carol off to no end!

Coolmood webcam. Carol
Free hardcore sexwebcam sex chatrooms. One day when Anna had come by for her regular visit, she approached Carol with an idea.

"Hey Carol, I was watching this program on television about Mexican resort cities like Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco.

Some of those places look really nice! I was just thinking - how great would it be if we took a vacation to someplace warm like that? German sexy milf. What do you say, want to go on an adventure?" "Oh I don't know Anna.

I mean sightseeing isn't much fun when you have no sight!" "Aw, c'mon Carol! It'll be fun! It will be good to get away from this cold ass place for awhile and get some sun! Don't you get tired of always being cold?" "Well yeah, I do get cold a lot.

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