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Once she was behind him and out of eyesight, he looked forward again.

Head raised and stoic.

He could hear her soft footsteps walk away from him then return. Kerala 17sexvideo.

She was still out of eyesight but he could feel her presence.

He waited.

As the minutes passed, the only sound that he could hear was the slight creaking of the leather as he pulled and the crackle of the torches.

He waited.

He trusted her and knew that she would not forget that he was tied up, he began to wonder if she was still in the room. 3ds sex cams.

Knowing how weary she was, he feared that she may have reclined and fallen asleep.

His mind began to doubt if she was even in the bedchamber.

Maybe she went to the pantry to retrieve some bread and wine. Nicole kidman dogville sex.

He waited.

“My Que….

” The riding crop exclaimed with a sharp crack as it contacted the right side of his bottom!

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He tensed up, and stifled a yelp in his throat.

Just as he swallowed he felt the crop land on the left side. Girls in lebanon that want to fuck.

His head still raised, he remained silent.

“You were about to question if I were still here, were you not?” The queen asked in a smooth and low voice.

“I was.

” SWACK! The crop landed firmly again.

How are you to address me?!” The queen commanded in the same sultry voice. Queenofallcum usa sex call com.

“My queen.

” SWACK! The crack resonated in the room.

“You will answer me in full sentences.

” Purred the queen.

“I was, my queen.

” Said the king.


SWACK!!!! “Now that you have remembered your manners,” said the queen as she scraped her fingernails on the inside of the king's left thigh.

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Starting from the knee, slowly up as she dug into his tense and tight balls then down his right thigh, “I need to help you to not forget them.

” “Yes, my queen.

” The king said as he tried to turn his head to look at her. Xx sexy girl webcam.

With three quick flicks, the queen landed the crop on his ball sack causing him to tense and emit a slight yelp.

“Did I ask you a question? Did I say I needed your approval?” The queen demanded as she gave each thigh a deeply hued mark. Fuck her shit.

The king exhaled after the reprimand, then quietly answered, “No my queen.

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