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I lean over, elbows resting to either side of your ribs fingers lightly playing over the under sides of your arms.

I brush my lips over yours softly kissing them, leaning closer I lightly brush my lips along your jaw to the edge of your throat parting my lips I suck lightly on your skin. Gangbang japanese blowjob dick and fuck.

The soft throb of your heart beat under my lips echoed by the pulse of your cock pressed against my tummy, I can feel the bunch of the muscles in your arms as you strain against the cuffs and your want to pull me against your body growing.

My lips follow the edge of your collar bone and then work slowly down your chest, My body hovering over yours as I slowly move down your body, The heat radiating off you in your arousal warming mine the cool air blowing over my back a constant pleasant contrast.

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My lips brush against your left nipple sending a sensuous shiver through your body.

The sudden flick of the tip of my tongue making you moan raggedly the muscles of your abdomen rippling as my nipples brush against your skin.

Your wrists pull against the cuffs harder straining to reach for me as my tongue dances wickedly across your chest slowly circling the other nipple. Keira-foxx skype sex xxxx.

My lips pinch the nipple between them twisting it slowly your sudden intake of breath and the buck of your hips against my tummy makes me purr hungrily.

The feel of your cock slick with pre-cum rubbing against my tummy shifts my focus lower, my lips part releasing your nipple and I trail a string of soft kisses down over your tummy feeling every muscle twitch.

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I pause very briefly to run the tip of my tongue slowly around your navel the rock of your hips rubbing your fully erect cock between my breasts.

The weight of them against your hips the hard nub of the nipples rubbing against your skin with every shift of your body below me. Fucking swingers blankenberge.

Wiggling lower I slip part way off the bed letting your cock rub slowly along my throat I lower my face inhaling your scent deeply my tongue slowly licking around the base of your cock.

Letting it glide up the length of your shaft I kiss the tip of the head softly, standing to the sweet sound of your moans as I step back to admire your body as I ponder what to do next.

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I can see you straining to figure out where I am and can see the shifting of your body on the bed as the anticipation builds.

I glance at the dresser and spot the long jet black feather sitting in the vase next to it a small glass bottle of honey, The condensation beading on the outside of it as it had been cooled slightly in the fridge having planned for this all morning I smile softly knowing what is coming. Sexy black women pikelyanka.

You can hear the floorboard squeak over by the dresser as I walk over to get the feather and the bottle, walking back I twirl the feather between two of my fingers watching you through it, try to watch me through the blind fold, the squeak having given you a clue to where I was as I step to the side of the bed.

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Letting my hand drop I slowly brush the feather along the inside edge of of your arm, and down your side.

You flex grasping at the chains holding the cuffs to the bed pulling them tight.

Grinning wickedly I set the feather on the bed so it's just brushing against the side of your left thigh. Fuckbook cams.

Watching you shift and squirm I intentionally pop the lid on the bottle off making sure it's quite audible.

Grinning as you instantly freeze trying to work out what that sound could mean.

You can feel the left side of the bed compress as I kneel next to you then the light caress of my right hand as it curls over your left hip the fingers slowly circling your shaft.

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Your sudden sharp intake of breath as the first drops of honey poor over the head of your cock are followed by the deep throb of your pulse beneath my fingers as the skin contracts.

Your breath is expelled in a deep heated moan as I lean over you my breath hot on the chilled skin as my tongue catches a slow drip cascading down the side of your cock. Foot fetish sex tube.

Curling my tongue I gather the honey into my mouth swirling the tip around the head licking up as much as I can before sitting back.

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