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Ellen’s hair looked like a black halo around her gorgeous teary face.

I’d made her cry and I wasn’t sad about it.

She didn’t seem to mind either.

She sat gingerly on the edge of the bed fiddling with her phone, then she handed it to me and got on her knees. Pooler lady looking to be fucked.

As I thumbed the play icon, Ellen put her warm mouth around the head of my cock.

The video started in the room.

After some jerky camera motion showing an alarming number of naked male body parts, the picture stabilized on a three-quarter view of Ellen standing in the shower in front of Gary, magnificently wearing nothing but cum, ruined stockings, and high heels. Free adult cam sex for cell phone.

Gary pushed down on her shoulders and Ellen blindly obliged, getting on her knees. Usa up sexy xxx 14yas video.

She opened her mouth expecting someone to stuff it full of cock, I suppose.

Blowing rock women wanting sex blowing rock. She smiled and tilted her

But he just stood there.

Aren’t you tired of sucking cock?” I asked her, looking down at her from the video.

She’d shoved more of my hard cock into her mouth and, to be honest, it felt amazing. Wehappy www freenudesexygirls com.

Ellen shook her head and kept sucking.

I looked back to the video.

Nothing changed.

As Ellen sucked my cock, I watch nothing happen on the video for a full minute.

Then video Ellen wiped her eyes and opened them, looking around. Live sexhot.

She smiled at the camera when she noticed it.

Get ready,” he said.

Gary held his flaccid cock pointed at Ellen.

Ellen looked at his cock and then up at Gary.

She smiled and tilted her head back, in a now familiar motion of submission, then cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples.

Blowing rock women wanting sex blowing rock. now familiar motion of submission
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“What the fuck is happening on this?” I asked Ellen.

Wayth fr thith,” she said around my cock.

Wait for what? I wondered how she could say anything with that much cock in her mouth.

She seemed to be trying to stuff my entire cock in there. Sexpararussia live porn videos free.

It wouldn’t fit, I knew from experience.

Here it is.

” Gary’s annoying voice drew my attention back to the phone.

Liquid shot out of Gary’s flaccid cock and splashed onto Ellen’s upturned face.

For a confusing second, I thought he was coming, which would be amazing. Shaved gay sex.

But the clear stream continued.

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