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"I think the bikini will have to stay in the draw today.

" It's still in its wrapper, brand new, never worn.

I've always been too shy to wear it.

After a brief nap, Julia gently woke Leslie by kissing her face, starting at the forehead and working her way to her lips. Teens angel sex.

Leslie slowly opened her eyes, smiling at Julia.

She reciprocated the last kiss, sighing as she hugged the older woman, nestling deep into her arms; Leslie felt she was exactly where she belonged.

Julia enjoyed having Leslie close to her.

It seemed as if Leslie abandoned all her cares and worries when she was in Julia’s arms, just as her daughters had years before, as if Julia would protect her from the world.

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Julia thought of the many ways she could exploit that dependency, as if Leslie were hers to own, control, manipulate.

Julia wouldn’t do that though, as tempting as it might be.

She had raised two daughters and was probably more dominant than Leslie.

It mattered not; she loved Leslie differently than she loved her children. Cam teen sex.

The lovers caressed each other as they both slowly came to full consciousness.

Leslie slipped down Julia’s neck, slowly kissing her way to Julia’s breasts.

This reinforced the thought in Julia regarding Leslie as her child, suckling her breasts and feeling so needy. Sexy older in ecclefechan.

Although she enjoyed the attention and the feeling Leslie’s lips and mouth evoked in her, she couldn’t get the comparison out of her mind.

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She sighed with delight, closing her eyes and relaxing, her hands sensually exploring Leslie, letting her know how wonderful she was feeling with sighs and pleasurable moans. Arcsoft webcam companion 3 free download.

Leslie smiled to herself as she felt Julia’s hands caress her skin.

Julia’s moans of abandon encouraged her to continue her efforts as she kissed between her breasts.

Leslie had her own thoughts about her relationship with Julia.

She realized she was enamored with her older lover and knew Julia could take advantage of that. Double penetration fuck movies.

If asked, she would do almost anything for her Julia; she just needed direction or guidance to go beyond merely pleasing her lover in bed.

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Her hand slipped down Julia’s tummy as she nursed the nipple that felt so good between her lips, her fingers gently teasing Julia’s mound. Noisy sex tube.

The soft yet stiff hairs felt comforting.

As her fingers got closer to Julia’s pussy, she could feel Julia stiffen and then relax, anticipating the touch between her legs.

Julia enjoyed how Leslie slowly made love to her by taking her time and enjoying the journey. Amateur free casting adult sex.

She made a slight hissing sound, sucking air past her lips when Leslie would come close to slipping her fingers inside, teasing her.

The sound made Leslie intensify her lovemaking.

In the few times they had made love, they each had discovered touches that excited the other, each woman gently exploring and remembering the little nuances each enjoyed, building on those delights each time they made love.

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The first time they made love, Leslie discovered Julia had very sensitive breasts.

She enjoyed suckling Julia, and Julia loved the attention.

Maybe there was some Freudian thing about that, but she didn’t care.

It excited Julia which in turn excited Leslie. Huge dick fucking shemale.

She loved pleasing Julia and that made her excitement and satisfaction greater.

Julia was in heaven; Leslie was at her nipples suckling, biting.

Leslie must have a breast fixation, she thought to herself, not caring because it felt so good.

Julia slowly spread her legs wider, wanting Leslie’s hand to creep closer to her sweet, sticky vagina in route to her aroused clitoris, which waited anxiously.

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She didn’t want to hurry Leslie but she was becoming more aroused by the second.

Julia and her husband John rarely made love twice in one month these days, let alone twice in a few hours.

When they were younger, she remembered he could satisfy her easily. No login or sign up free sex chat rooms.

If not the first then the second time, which was something she missed from her husband.

Although not quite his fault, despite his regular gym workouts, he really didn’t have the longevity and stamina he had years before.

They had tried Viagra just to see what effect it might have and he had either not taken enough or it just didn’t work for him, which was a big disappointment to them both. Sexy latina women in tights.

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She appreciated his concern for her satisfaction and loved that he tried.

She realized this, through her own guidance, he had gotten much better at cunnilingus, but he was no match for the woman who now shared her bed.

Julia’s thoughts about her lack of satisfaction abruptly vanished as Leslie’s slim digits slipped between the rapidly moistening lips between her legs.

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