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The first girl I tipped laid on the stage with her feet on the ground, about shoulder-width apart, and raised her hips, opening her beautiful shaved pussy to my eyes; it was all I could do to not grab myself then and there.

But while I was having a great time, something was still missing. Asian webcam tease.

What I was seeing here was still the same thing as I had experienced at other clubs.

These were nude dancers, not stripteases.

On the stage, during the first song, a girl would dance in her sexy outfit, then between the first two songs, would strip down to her bra and thong and then dance again, and then strip all the way down at the back of the stage, and dance their third song nude.

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Until Jade got on the stage.

She was different.

She was wearing a cocktail dress type outfit that hugged her curves.

She was probably a size 6, C cup tits, but sexy and confident.

In her first song, she incorporated taking off the dress as a part of the dance, so that by the end of the first song she was out of it (think like Demi Moore in the movie Striptease). Find sex partners.

She continued dancing in her strapless bra and thong, teasing the guys with peeks at her tits as they tipped her, but by the middle of the song, her bra was off.

As she finished the second song, she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and in rhythm, slowly worked them down.

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She had her back to where I was sitting, so I got to view her gorgeous ass and see her pussy peeking out between her legs as she slid the thong down to the floor.

Then she danced her third song.

It was all fluid and a part of the overall performance.

During her third song, I went up to tip her. Sex com direct live.

I stood beside the stage as she writhed on her back on the floor, legs spread.

She reached down and rubbed her fingers up the length of her pussy lips, then continued up across her soft tummy to her tits and then to her lips.

She stood up, turned her back to me and bounced her ass against my stomach before turning towards to let me put the tip in her garter and giving me a hug, pressing her rock hard nipples into me.

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I was in heaven.

I want to get a dance from you after you are done on the stage, I leaned in and told her.

She flashed a seductive grin.

Lap dance, private dance or limo dance? Hmm.

All three is what I wanted to say.

But I hadn’t heard any of the girls mention a limo dance. Teenage sexno sign up african sex cams.

What’s a limo dance? I asked.

I will come and tell you about it after I finish up here.

I watched her finish her set and walk to the back of the stage.

She straightened her legs and bent over to pick up her clothes, giving us all one more glimpse of her ass and pussy. Sexy strapless clothing.

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I waited nervously for her to reappear from the back.

It was several minutes before she came out from backstage, but when I saw her, a chill ran up my spine.

She was gorgeous and looked classy in her cocktail dress.

She spoke to a couple of guys to say thanks for tipping her, then headed towards me. Private camgirl webcam free chat.

She grabbed my hand to lead me to the private room.

You ready for a dance? she asked.

Oh yeah, I said, but you mentioned a limo dance.

Tell me about that, besides the obvious? She explained that I could get either a thirty or sixty minute private dance in a limo. Canl? camera sex chat.

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The biggest difference was that this dance could be full nude.

My little head took over my thought process.

How much for the limo dance? I stammered.

185 dollars for thirty minutes, 250 dollars for sixty minutes.

Some of that goes to the driver, and the rest to me. Diamante1980 live sexting.

She paused.

Of course, if you are interested, I do offer a full service dance for an extra 100 dollars.

I’m not going to incriminate myself by explaining more, but I think you get the idea.

She ended it with that seductive smile and a wink.

Little head gave me away, and she noticed my bulge. Free membership for sex chat.

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She smiled again.

I see you are interested.

Very, I replied.

I paid her for a thirty minute show with extras and we got into the limo.

She told me to get comfortable, and I immediately tore off my clothes.

As I slid down my pants, my cock stood at full attention, and bounced out like a spring when I took off my boxers. Webcam kyrgyzstan girls.

Now I'm not porn star quality, but since then I have been told I'm above average (I measure at about seven point five inches when fully hard).

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