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I just turned nineteen last week, but I often get mistaken for sixteen or seventeen still, Lucy purred.

She liked knowing that her young body had turned him on so much.

Guys her age had very little experience and very little game.

Clarence, on the other hand, knew how to be just the right amount of rough for her liking. Phone sex web cams xxx uk.

She rarely came during sex.

She normally had to take care of herself on her own afterward, but this older guy had made her cum hard.

Did you cum for Daddy? If not, I can take care of you.

I want my little whore to be happy, he said smiling as he pulled out and wiped off his cock on his shirttails. Milf sexy strip video.

Oh, yes Daddy! I came so hard! Lucy answered.

Another horrific thought struck Clarence as he asked, You’re on the pill or something, right?

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Lucy smiled, Yes, sir, no worries there.

Clarence relaxed again and spanked her ass, Put yourself back together honey and go wash my cum off your face. Slimwtc9 canada sexgiral.

I’m going to contact the temp agency and tell them I want to hire you as a permanent, full-time employee.

We will move you to a desk right outside my office.

That way you are close at hand when I need to play or fuck.

How does that sound? Will I get any benefits with this job? Casual sex henley. Lucy inquired.

Well, sure honey, the standard medical and dental, and my cock up your ass! Clarence answered, chuckling.

You do take it up the ass, too, right? Lucy smiled, coyly.

I haven’t ever done that before, but if you are willing to give me this job, then I’m willing to let you be my first anal experience.

As bisexual life slave story me and my bisexual slaves. bisexual
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Well, hot damn! Clarence shouted.

I have one more question.

How do you feel about dying your hair red? Lucy shrugged her shoulders and said, I’ll dye it any color you want for the opportunity to be your Office Whore.

I just want it red, my little slut, Clarence said. Free teen cyber sex chat.

The next morning Lucy showed up bright and early and knocked on Clarence’s door.

She stood before him with her newly dyed red hair, a short black skirt, a blue silk blouse with a zipper that was unzipped to show off her lovely tits.

She wore black high heels that made her legs look long and lean. Webcam incest video.

Come on in, Lucy, and close the door, he said, looking her up and down.

Bend over, Daddy wants to see what’s under that skirt.

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Lucy turned around and bent over lifting her skirt so Clarence could see that she had no panties on.

Her ass and pussy looked so delicious he could feel his cock spring to attention immediately. Bellabobbie free webcam no registration.

I have a meeting in a few minutes so you can head on out to your desk.

I got my buddy, Chad, to give me a copy of his Office Whore Base 12 Slut manual when he sent one of his previous sluts my way.

I added some of my own stuff to it.

I’m a bit less refined than he is, I suppose. Need a sexy wildwood in my life.

Read through it and let me know if there’s anything in there that you don’t understand.

I don’t expect you to memorize the numbers and all that.

Chad is more of a control freak than I am.

But those tasks are basically the stuff I will expect you to do to me or let me do to you.

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If there is anything you aren’t comfortable with, we can always discuss it.

Admittedly I am a somewhat depraved sex addict, but I don’t want you to be unhappy here.

A happy slut is a generous slut! Clarence said, chuckling.

Thank you, sir, I really do appreciate everything, Lucy said, smiling. Mature sexual nudity voyeur.

Oh, by the way, Clarence added, I like the hair.

A lot! And while Lucy is a pretty name, it’s a little too innocent and pure.

We both know you aren’t either one of those so, I’m gonna call you Red.

Then he winked at her as he sent her out of his office, while his cock looked forward to being done with his meeting so he could play with his new slut, Red! Virtual sex with sophia santi.

As bisexual life slave story me and my bisexual slaves. Lucy
End of Part 1: With our hormones sated, Erin drifted into my arms, laying her head against my chest as our naked bodies pressed against each other.

As if it were the most natural thing in the world, and trust me, that’s how it felt, I encircled her with my arms, holding her close. Camlivesexy.

Not willing to let her go.

I think I found the silver lining of my break up.

I was comfortable.

Very comfortable.

We lay there together for an hour or so, talking softly, nothing too deep.

Just inconsequential things about school and homework and sports.

Yet, despite the comfort, I, being the dumbass that I am, had to break it. Mikasisi webcam.

Erin, why? You seemed against this, but then agreed to it? Why? I was never against it silly.

I’ve wanted you for as long as you’ve wanted me.

As bisexual life slave story me and my bisexual slaves. Lucy

I must have looked confused, because she continued after a few seconds.

I mean, I wanted you, but I never rationalized it to myself, I just pushed it down, thinking those feelings were dirty and unnatural. Extreme double fucking.

I didn’t think it would be a reality until you told me and then kissed me.

I smiled at her and kissed her forehead lightly.

As long as I’ve wanted you? You mean, since the talk we had about James? Mmhmm She snuggled into my chest a little tighter and wrapped the blanket around us. Sexy leg ass picture.

She closer her eyes and spoke softly to me.

Specifically when you said that a girl like me was your dream girl…it just got me thinking.

The rest of the day went by as any other.

We ate dinner, watched tv, lounged on the couch until our parents went to bed.

As bisexual life slave story me and my bisexual slaves. Lucy
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The usual weekend stuff.

Except that something was different.

Erin and I would exchange looks back and forth every now and again.

Her eyes would sparkle when she looked at me, and my mouth would twitch into a smile.

Our parents didn’t seem to notice.

So there we were, alone, together on a Saturday night, relaxing on a couch with no parental supervision. Greek cybersex chat rooms.

Erin scooted closer to me, then lay her head on my shoulder.

Together, we watched a movie until she fell soundly asleep.

As bisexual life slave story me and my bisexual slaves.