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His dick was long and perfectly straight, and it matched the long, lean hardness of the body beneath the hair that ran in a thin line from his chest and flared out at his navel.

He took a half step closer and laid his warm, damp hand on my shoulder again. Trenton new jersey grannies for sex in trenton new jersey.

He reached down to grip the thick pole that had begun to dance slightly to the beat of his heart.

He stroked a few times, leaning on me, and I watched the head stretch and bulge.

"That's just a preview," he said, squeezing the base of his shaft so the head flared huge and purple.

"I'd say we start now, but I've already got a client and he doesn't like to share.

" I just nodded, swallowed a moan as Eric squeezed my shoulder again, and watched as he retreated back into J’s office.

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After the lock clicked I waited just long enough to hear a muffled moan, then made my way back to my desk.

I sat there with an invincible hard-on for the rest of my shift.

My first taste of Eric's stress relief services was great - a quiet, intense fuck after hours on one of the benches by the free weights--but it got more fun once Eric understood I didn't have any intention of ruining him. Anissa kate porno 2018.

Now we made a game of it.

I’d find some sort of flimsy leverage and threaten to put him in a tough spot.

He’d put up a token resistance, then offer me an extra stress relief session.

I’d been fucked on almost every kind of machine in the gym, and as Eric started withholding oral and anal for after my top training sessions, I’d started to see better gains.

Amberbliss lesbian text sex chat. shower
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It had been a good semester.

I wandered around the gym, turning off lights and squeezing the bulge straining at the front of my jeans as I passed the equipment Eric and I had repurposed for our after-hours sessions.

When all the lights were out I sat behind the desk and waited for the guy Eric had seen heading into the showers. Trisha sex photos hd.

As I waited I considered what to do about my hard-on.

I’d never jerked off alone in the gym before.

Maybe after I locked up I’d give it a try.

Maybe I'd start by the free weights and finish in J’s office.

I could never go in there without thinking of Eric bending a sweaty, eager man over the desk, and the sight of him standing in front of me in the hallway, hard and smelling like sex as he offered to fuck me, was still my favorite jerk off image.

Amberbliss lesbian text sex chat. shower
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As soon as the last guy in the shower left, I figured I’d revisit it.

Except the guy was taking his sweet ass time.

After ten minutes my hard-on had disappeared and I started getting irritated.

I checked the phone sitting alone on the rack.

I could match some phones to patrons by their protective cases, but I didn’t recognize this one. Horny slut gets interracially fucked group video.

He must have come in while I was on my last break.

He could be anybody.

I waited.

Another fives minutes dragged by.

Maybe he was appreciating the empty showers on a slow night, enjoying the water.

Or maybe he’d fallen asleep in the sauna.

That had happened before. Fuck book of webcams.

Or, since Eric hadn’t told him, maybe he didn’t realize we were closing early and had decided to move through an unnecessarily lengthy bathroom routine entirely inappropriate for a public shower.

Amberbliss lesbian text sex chat. shower

I grabbed the phone from the rack and headed toward the locker room. Belladonna hot sex.

I wanted him out before someone else showed up and I had to stay open all night.

Might as well give him his phone while I was in there.

Efficient that way.

I could hear the shower running as soon as I walked into the locker room and the door clicked softly behind me. Hungarian gets fucked video.

That made things tricky.

I couldn’t really hand him his phone while he showered, and it seemed rude, now that I was in there, to rush him out if he hadn’t even finished rinsing off.

J would be pissed if he ever found out.

I considered my options while I made my way toward the sound of running water. Teenagers webcam.

Why I didn’t just turn around then and wait at the desk I don’t know.

Amberbliss lesbian text sex chat. shower

Stubbornness, maybe, or just inertia.

Whatever the reason, it brought me around a line of lockers and placed me squarely in front of a perfect, wet, round ass shining in fluorescent light. Nikkiloren free sex chat cams 18 years old.

I froze.

Just ten feet away naked man stood in the showers with his back to me.

I’d seen plenty of men naked.

I showered at the gym after working out and back on campus I got probably more than my fair share of ass, but something about the sudden appearance of that hard, toned man, his face turned up into the spray hissing out of the shower, spiked an exceptional surge of adrenaline through my heart and down to my dick. Sweet_irish sex chat teen chat cam chat.

I stared for a moment, admiring the curves of his ass, the thickness of his legs.

Amberbliss lesbian text sex chat. shower

I imagined what it would feel like to put my lips on the soft, wet skin of his shoulder, to taste him through the water.

Then he shifted beneath the spray and I panicked.

Terrified he would turn around and find me staring, I sidestepped behind the lockers and froze. Xxx camgirl.

I listened for his voice, for the water to stop--some indication he’d seen me and intended to investigate.

But the hiss of the shower continued, punctuated by the splashing sheets of water that fell from his body and landed on the tiles.

I barely breathed. Live sex video chats south africa.

Slowly, silently, I backed my way down the row of lockers until it felt safe to turn around and move more quickly.

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