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He stunk after a week with no shower or shave.

She was lucky he took extra clothes to wear.

Handing him his beer, she smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks, how was your week?" "Not too bad, I had the book club over last night.

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What had started as a smile on his face had quickly turned into a look of concern as I pushed down with my shoe, squeezing the soft sac of his balls and his flaccid cock beneath its sole.

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About that time the captain called down to mom and motion for her to come up, she gave him that big smile and turned her back to him and stuck out her ass and rubbed it with both hands and than spread her ass cheeks to expose her love hole; she called to him "You just got to wait awhile for this!" "Marca baby that is one special man, damn him let me go visit with the captain, I'll get his juices flowing get him thinking what is coming for him tonight, than I'm going down to take a shower clean up and get ready for tonight!" I sat in the chair for about 30 minutes when I heard someone call my name; I turned to see it was Captain Edwards , motioning for me to come up to his chair.

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I mean it’s not hardcore porn material, is it? Well…you would know, wouldn’t you? he teased slyly.

Jesse wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her face to his.

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When her phone pinged the arrival of a message I sighed.

Just pretend it hasn’t arrived yet.

My voice sounded pathetic, like I was a juvenile getting the first blowjob of my life.

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He was reassuring me as he spoke and kissed me softly once more.

I knew he was not making excuses but being honest with me.

To be honest I don’t remember if it was good or what.

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I am now inserting a finger in my tight hole mmmm, pussy squeezing it tightly.

I am adding another finger.

Getting even more wet, as I add another finger now this feels so good.

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Her father still wasn't satisfied and added, "Three!" Donna turned her head up towards me and practically screamed, "Please, Tim! Just do it, for God's sake!" I reached back and brought my hand down and slammed her ass with all my might.

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He reached down to pull her hair back, his other hand still pumping his aching cock.

He was dying for release and was about to jerk off until he shot his load all over his wife’s back when he suddenly had an idea.

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Not only am I getting paid handsomely while I work, but when the books are closed at the end of the year, I get an equal share of the profit! And if the company goes public and is sold, one third of the proceeds is ours!

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She was a strange old bird.

He immediately typed Mattie’s number into his phone and began to actually wiggle in anticipation of hearing her voice.

He forced himself to sit still.

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Enjoy your evening Mr.

and Mrs.

Carmichael, she says, giving us a sultry look as she leaves.

I know that my husband is hot.

In his early forties, he’s old enough to have some gray in his brown hair but young enough to still have a boyish charm sparkling in his blue eyes.

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I noticed that I have a few curls showing.

Nobody is going to see that through your tights – hell, with the leotard part underneath you’ll have two layers over your thong, unlike me with just one.

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Flip-Flip-Flip-Flip-Flip, the pages moved rapidly as her thumb stroke them.

I put my hand over hers and picked up the book.

It was a cheap paperback.

Cops, romance and sex.

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I was now operating on pure animal lust.

DJ stood and moved between my legs with his back to the glass.

He dropped his pants and moved closer, holding his shaft and aiming the beautiful pink head directly at my dripping opening.

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The boys got dressed and left.

Tash was slumped against the sofa.

I sat and watched her for a while and went and made us a drink.


I gave her a large glass of wine which she drunk straight down.

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As I stood in the shower, the thought of Michelle being fucked by Mike raced through my mind.

My cock was rock hard and the urge to masturbate took over.

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I had no idea how that would play out.

Ally was content for a while, but she was tricky.

Taking her hand away she tried again, moving more quickly and trying to surprise me so she could get by my defences.

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He fucked her for what seemed like ten minutes, and Deni was having almost constant orgasms on his big cock.

Her head was thrashing back and forth, and she was writhing beneath him as she almost screamed out, Oh yes, oh fuck, Dex, breed me with your big cock and fill my married cunt with your virile cum!

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He totally ignored Jeff; it was as though I was the only person in the room.

As I looked at his magnificent body, I noticed his cock beginning to swell and extend.

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When he reached her, one of his hands went straight between her thighs and he started to rub her.

She seemed to like that too; letting her head fall backwards into the man that was mauling her breasts.

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She had so many mixed emotions about this whole thing, but Maddy had begged and presented good reasons why she should let this happen.

Maddy did not play the Dad card, but she knew it was a possibility.

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His hands quickly removed his shirt and then his pants, and he moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

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As Jimmy watched her intently, she began to slowly remove her dress in a playful and sexy striptease.
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‘Oh God, guys, that feels so much better, you’ve no idea.

You gotta try this.

’ She pranced about and skipped through the grass into the shallows of the pond, her full, round heart of an ass shuddering just slightly.

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The whispers got louder as the spanking progressed and Sarah heard, ‘Harder, Vanessa,’ and ‘Go, girl,’ and ‘She deserves it,’ from around the room.

Sarah was also very aware that no one was saying Vanessa was spanking too hard or should be showing any sympathy towards her.

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Dropping my hands to her waist I reached around to Terri's belt and unbuckled it.

Her hands met mine and assisted in my undoing her zipper.

Once loosened I slipped my right hand into the front of her jeans and inside her panties.

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Landers?" "See that Mr.

Marten can relax, maybe then we can resolve this discrepancy.

" "Yes, Ms.


" As Penny got into position, Rebecca moved back in front of Mr.

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The first girl I tipped laid on the stage with her feet on the ground, about shoulder-width apart, and raised her hips, opening her beautiful shaved pussy to my eyes; it was all I could do to not grab myself then and there.

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Please do not copy or repost them.

Copyright 2015: claire2013 All Rights Reserved. I want to fuck your mouth today. This story may not be copied, reproduced, or linked in any manner without the express written permission of the author.

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The gorgeous stepmom gave a seductive, yet playful look at her stepson before slipping her tongue into his mouth.

Excuse me, a stranger’s voice sounded.

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Jessica had never said she loved him, not even once, though he had told her numerous times.

It had always hurt him that she would never say it, but he also understood why, because then she’d have to face some hard realities about her true feelings.

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Her face now completely covered in a creamy yellow coating looked at me and asked "Did I do ok" as I helped her to her feet.

What a night I thought to myself as I helped Tammy freshen up so we could go home.

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I rolled my eyes.

Sam Vincent was our first string wide receiver.

He was about 6’2’’ and maybe 168lbs.

He was a pompous ass and irritated me each time he talked.

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It looked so incredibly sexy and felt so decadent to be letting this man fuck me so hard.

Leaning down and kissing Kurt deeply, I lifted off of him and grasping his cock I turned around and guided him back into my anxious pussy.

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Her eyes glimmering with what was her first present from her grandfather, well other than making love all but non stop since we met.

Her head tipped to the side as she lifted the simple white cotton blouse from the box, a size 2 that I hoped would fit her well enough.

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