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I hadn't really noticed before but now I saw that she was a rather pretty young woman.

Her medium length black hair pulled back in a pony tail.

I estimated her age to be early twenties but she had an air of maturity about her.

"I am very well, thank you," I replied to her question, "and yourself?" "I'm fine thanks," she said with the smile never leaving her lips.

"I went to the 1940's weekend yesterday.

" "Me too!" I exclaimed, "I probably passed you and didn't realise.

" "Yes, probably," she laughed, "Did you dress up for it?" "Nooo," I replied, "I just go and enjoy the displays and watch those who do.

" "Oh, I do, I love it!" she enthused, "Last year I wore a dress and it was a bit cool so this year I wore a uniform and was too warm.

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Can't win!" "No, indeed not.

" Her enthusiasm was infectious.

"I imagine you look lovely in that style of dress.

I think it probably suits you.

" "I think it would suit you too," she replied, "You have a nice figure and your hair would set nicely to match. Samantha flair porno.

You should try it.

" "Do you think so?" I wasn't sure and it must have showed in my face.

She paused for a moment, looking at me as if wondering whether to say what she was thinking.

Eventually she said, "Hmm, yes, I do.

" Another pause and then, "Look, I have never done this before but I live in town. Webcam sexy gratis.

Why don't you come round one day and try on some of my dresses, see what you think.

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We are about the same size.

" I was a bit surprised but I quite liked the idea.

"You know what?" I said, finally, "I would like that.

" She picked up a serviette from the counter and began writing.

"I am off tomorrow if that is any good.

" She handed me the napkin.

"I am working in the morning but finish around two.

" I took the proffered paper.

"That's fine," she replied, "I will see you soon after then?" "Okay, " I said, "I will see you then. Ellaa91 webcam show.

No more was said and I picked up my coffee and walked away.

I realised, as I walked, that I did not know her name so I stopped and turned back but I saw that now, there was a queue and she was busy.

"Never mind," I thought, "I am sure I will find out tomorrow.

" I opened the serviette she had given me.

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There was an address but no name.

For the rest of the day that morning's conversation replayed in my mind.

There was something about that girl I just couldn't put my finger on.

She seemed familiar somehow.

I had seen her many times before, when she served my coffee but it wasn't that, there was something else, something I just couldn't identify. Sexy women burned at the stake nude.

It wasn't just how she looked but her mannerisms too.

In the end, I gave up.

She must just be like someone on the television or in a film.

The following morning I showered and dressed for work.

I don't know whether, subconsciously, I was thinking about the previous day's conversion but I decided to wear a pleated skirt and satin blouse with stockings and suspenders along with matching pink satin underwear.

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The nearest thing I had to a forties style.

The day passed quite quickly and I didn't really think too much about what the afternoon might hold until about one o'clock.

That last hour seemed to drag as my mind began to wander away from my work and more towards the young woman in the coffee shop. Free sexy girl chat cam.

What kind of outfit did she have in mind? It occurred to me that I didn't really fancy any of those scratchy woollen uniform clothes and besides, it was a bit warm for that, as she had pointed out.

I had also seen women dressed in the beige dungarees of the ATS or Land Army, as they were known. Gwyneth paltrow sex.

The women who worked on the farms whilst the men were away fighting.

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