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I pulled out, slipping off the condom.

Then I washed us off with a towel from the bathroom.

As we relaxed on my bed, side by side, my hand on her tit, her hand on my shrunken cock, we chatted.

Wynter was her first name.

What was her last name I wondered aloud.

"Smythe," she said, with an 'ay' sound. Young tiny pussy being fucked video.

Odd, I thought.

Not too common a pronunciation.

In fact, that was my last name too.

Funny coincidence.

"What are your parents' names," I asked.

"Oh," she stated, "they're divorced.

Dad is Stephen and I think my mom was Cynthia.

" Very odd, I was thinking, because that was my parents' names too! "Holy shit," I said, then thought better of it. Sexy alameda new mexico girls.

I was going to keep this my little secret.

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Fucking my own sister.

What a fucking turn-on.

I was not about to ruin this yet.

I still had plans for little miss Wynter Smythe.

There were other holes to conquer.

We finally went downstairs and, as the evening was late, she went back to her sorority with some of her sisters. London borough of essex.

So we finished up final week and I called Wynter the night before we were all going home for the summer, or, in my case graduating.

She was free.

And she sounded horny as hell on the phone.


I picked her up and we went out for some Chinese buffet.

That seemed okay for a first date with my sister. Webcams porno young girls.

She was still out of the loop, of course.

When she had asked my last name I had said "Smith," and she had just laughed at the coincidence.

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After dinner we drove around awhile as I said goodbye to old haunts and she looked at the place she would spend two more years. Daisy777 pakistani sexy videos wep.

Then we went over to the frat house and she came upstairs with me.

Little miss Wynter was going to lose her virginity again tonight.

Of course, we started making out.

This time in the large easy chair I had in my room.

She was sitting in my lap and I knew she could feel the hard on building up into her ass. Webcams mom dildo.

But she just kept kissing and nibbling my lips, rubbing her hands through my ginger hair.

I was embracing her and feeling her press her tits against my chest harder and harder.

She was damned horny.

She would be satisfied for sure.

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I knew this.

I slowly started unbuttoning her blouse and finally got my hand on some tit. Webcam girl watches another girl and her dog.

She pressed it into my hand and moaned.

It didn't take long for her to slip out of her blouse and I unhooked her bra and removed it.

Her nipples were like little rubies, hard and precious.

I began sucking and biting them until she squealed with pleasure. Hot chicks on webcam.

Okay, I thought, time to get down to some serious fucking.

I picked her up and tossed her on my bed.

Then I peeled her skirt off.

She was wearing nothing underneath, the little vixen.

I knew what I wanted to fuck tonight but I was in no rush.

Far from it.

I wanted to eat some more of that red bush between her legs and I wanted some more of her great cock sucking.

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We solved that little problem easily.

I got on my back, told her to suck my cock and cram her pussy into my face.

She was not slow at all in complying.

She gobbled my cock like she was starving, slobbering spit all over it and then licking it clean and starting again. Free sex personals in granger.

My face was buried in pussy.

I wanted to lick and nibble on her clit so I took my fingers and popped the little devil out and began licking it.

She squealed around my cock.

She even bit it a little.

That was nice pain.

I bit her clit in return.

She squealed again. Betrika chat con webcam.

Then I began working on that pussy.

She obviously liked her red pubes because she had never shaved her sweet kitten.

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It was a nice and hairy, old-style, pussy.

And mighty tasty.

I licked her swollen labia and crammed my tongue as far as I could into her slit. Sex mobile online.

She was coming all over my face.

That was enough.

I didn't want to come in her mouth.

Not tonight.

That come was destined for somewhere else.

I put my hands on her waist and lifted her up.

She kept her mouth sucking my cock.

It was actually quite sweet.

But I popped her off and sat her in my lap.

"Now for something special, little Wynter," I told her. Top webcam porn sites.

I placed her on all fours on the bed.

I think she believed she was going to get her second fuck in her pussy at this time, and she was, but also something more.

I took one more long swipe of her cunny with my tongue, took a condom from the nightstand, and slipped it on my cock.

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Then I stuck the head of my cock into her pussy and slowly started fucking my sister again.

I fucked her for several minutes, with long, hard, steady strokes, working that juicy slit and making her come and come.

Then I slowly withdrew, as she moaned and whimpered for me not to stop. Chat webcam free.

Oh, I wasn't about to stop.

My cock was well lubed with the condom and her cunt juices but I took some of the pussy juice and rubbed it liberally into her puckered asshole.

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