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Sir, there’s this one, from Alabama, of all places, I’m… Alabama!?Rex interrupted.

Ye-yes sir,Gladys nervously stuttered, Alabama, sir.

She is blonde and the prettiest girl we’ve ever interviewed. Yahoo porno camaras web.

Rex eyed Gladys curiously.

Gladys nervously continued, Sir, she did the online computer application.

Just arrived in town last week, and is already working as a dancer at The Palomino Club.

Alabama?Looking out the window, Rex scratched his chin. Blender sex position.

Yes sir, Alabama.

I printed out her application with photos, sir.

Yeah, give those to me.

Gladys got out of her seat and handed the pages to Mr.


The entire staff watched with tense anticipation as Rex thumbed through the print outs.

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He looked stunned.

Dothan, Alabama,he muttered under his breath.

He then looked at the name on the sheet, Tammy Leigh Regan.

When Rex looked at the picture, his chest went numb.

He could barely breath.

Rex stumbled as he stood, almost losing his footing, he grabbed a chair and sat down. Free no signup live sex chats.

The staff all jumped to their feet.

Are you okay, Mr.

Reno?asked Gladys.

Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,he said staring at the pages in front of him.

The photos on the sheet looked exactly like Tonya Anne Leigh; the only woman Rex had ever been in love with and the one that broke his heart. Sexyrigik www orgasmusalive com.

The only memory that could make him still feel like he was still Rex Schneider, the mediocre artist from Florala, Alabama.

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Rex raised his head and peered out the window.

‘I’m Rex Reno, CEO and President of a multi-million dollar porn empire. One boob bigger than the other naked fuckbook 2018.

I am.

I am!’ I am!Rex said out loud.

Sir?asked Gladys.

Oh, nothing, Gladys,Rex said.

When does this girl come in for her audition shoot?Three o’clock, sir.

Who is shooting with her?Rex asked. Free sex chat rooms without registration.

We’ve got some new guys shooting with them today,answered Burt, the talent manager.

I don’t want this chick shooting with a new guy.

Rex paused.

I’m gonna do it – yep, I’ll do it!Mr.

Reno?asked Burt, Sir, you don’t mean your going to do the scene with her?Yes I do, Burt.

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But sir, you haven’t done a scene since, uh, 1990,Perplexed, Burt was scratching his chin.

Sir, you’re not even on the internet.

Goddammit, you don’t think I can do a scene?Uh… not that sir.

I’ll have you… Rex looked around at the staff and pointed at his crotch. Lesbian sex free online video.

I’ll have you ALL know that my cock still works perfectly good – just like it always has.

How much are we paying this girl for this shoot?Rex asked.

A thousand dollars, sir,answered Gladys.

Still givin’ ‘em cash?Yes sir, at the end of the scene, just like always. Kayla amateur facial cumshot hard sex.

Sounds good,Rex said.

I want Tony on camera.

Rex Reno hastily walked to the elevator and rode it up to his penthouse office.

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