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You feel the saliva begin to build up in your mouth around the gag, your eyes are beginning to water.

I drop to my knees then and grab your hair tightly in my left hand, your leash still held tightly in the other, choked up on the leash itself almost to your neck.

'I could barely fucking understand you, you're not REALLY trying here, slave. Loren2016 usa sexvideo.

When I tell you to tell me you want to serve me, I expect you do so, whether your mouth is empty or full.


Count!' I drop the leash to the ground, leaving the ball gag in place, and begin to spank your still upturned ass.

'One' you say after the first.

'Two, three, four, five.

' I stop and look at what I've done to your ass. Sexy video cam.

I see two distinct red hand prints on one side of your ass and another on the far side.

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Pleased with my accuracy, I smile to myself and say, 'Does my slut wish to say anything to me?' 'Thank you, sir, for –' you cut off with a shriek as I resume my punishment of your ass. Sexy dix illinois girls.

I give you a moment to collect yourself as you say, 'Six' around the gag, 'Seven, eight.

' My rough calloused hand connects sharply on a spot already bright red as you continue 'Ni--h nine ten elelelelev-' 'Eleven is enough for now,' I say.

Your ass throbs from the spanking, and you want to look at it, want to take it in, what's been done to you. Phonepay sex cam.

You want to see the evidence of my ownership, one of the many reminders of my usage of you that last after the sex is over.

I release your hair and grab the leash, standing up.

Your eyes track me as I look down at your ass.

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You want to thank me for the spanking, for the punishment, but you wait for me. Samantha sex free.

You breathe rapidly, ball gag still holding your mouth open, a small steady moan coming through.

The adrenaline pumps wildly blinding you with bright lights, filling your ears, roaring, and you hear my voice, roaring louder than your heart, cutting through the sound of your own heartbeat.

'That is my ass to spank when and where and however I please. Nicoletaroxan free online sex chat.

Am I right?' Your eyes widen above the gag, and you nod vigorously, your vision clearing.

You want to tell me that it is my ass, to do whatever I want with, but you know also that I want to hear you say it.

Say it enthusiastically, say it like you mean it. Free sex text usa.

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So you wait, knowing that my desire to hear you voice your own desire will win out.

'And you loved having your ass punished, didn't you?' Again you attempt to look as sincere as possible with the gag stretching your mouth wide, and you nod again even more enthusiastically, drooling around the ball gag now.

'You may look at your ass then, slave, look at my owned ass.

' You turn your gaze away from mine eagerly, and look back at yourself. Free solo sex chat no login.

Your ass is marked by my red hand prints now, covered in my authority.

You love that color.

Red is the color of ownership.

All of you is owned, obviously, by me.

But the red parts.

the red parts I have a special ownership of, and seeing so much of yourself bright and pulsing, feeling my spanking hands still, you feel your body shake and you begin to drip as you look at yourself, seeing and feeling the evidence of me all over your ass.

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I watch you look at yourself, and my cock responds to your squirming excitement.

Stealthily, I lower myself next to you and whisper in your ear 'Slave.

' You jump, not having heard me move from my standing position.

Your face, red with adrenaline, turns brighter at the jump scare, your heart beating ever faster. Live sex webcam jasmin.

You look at me with somewhat wild eyes, very wide eyes, and I smile at you as I remove the gag.

'You may kneel, no need for any more crawling right now.

You wanted to tell me something?' I ask with a mischievous smile.

Air floods your mouth and the saliva from the gag is let loose. Online sex igra.

Your heart still beating rapidly, you begin to gush.

'Master, thank you, for punishing my ass.

It's your ass, master, your ass to punish or use how you want.

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I'm a bad girl, a bad fuckslut.

I need to be kept in my place.

You'll make me be good again, won't you sir? Dick247365 free live webcam voice sex. Will you let me be a good girl for you? Please? Please let me service your hard cock, sir.

Thank you, sir, again for the spanking.

And thank you for letting me count them.

And thank you for –' 'Enough,' I say, thrilled at your lightheaded yet extremely sexy ramble. Seksikiss webcam2cam sexy american girls without registeration.

To this point, I've been fully clothed, while you've been dressed only in heels and a thong.

Walking to the table, I put the ball gag back on a towel and grab a set of handcuffs and a blindfold.

I remove my shirt and step close to you.

On your knees now, you have an eyelevel view of my stomach, and I flex for you a little as I see you admiring me.

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I wink at you when your eyes quickly return guiltily to my face; your face reddens again but you dare not look away.

Taking both your delicate hands in front of you, I cuff you and blindfold you, remove the leash, stand you up, and lead you by the cuffs toward what you are fairly certain is the bed. Bi333on free amature nude webcam no signup.

Your heart rate speeds up again.

'You are as enthusiastic a fuck toy as I've ever known, slave.

You please me.

I will reward you now.

' Charlotte Dawson read the Washington Post's review of her latest film and smiled.

"Mrs Dawson's performance in her latest movie was both talented and shocking. Latina tits webcam.

It has to be said, ladies and gentlemen, that this critic, who has repeatedly lamented the actress's work in the past, will henceforth, never be able to watch her perform again, without his memory being plagued by some of the more disturbing images from her latest film.

" "Pompous git," a barely dressed Charlotte snorted and tossed the paper onto the couch.

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She knew which images he was referring to, and thanks to the internet, so did every hot-blooded male in America.

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