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As she relaxed under the hot water she began to feel the light tingles of arousal that had spread over her as Matt’s hands washed her body.

The tingles quickly turned to strong electric-like pulses as he had kissed her deeply while his slippery soapy hands caressed her breasts, teased her nipples, and made their way down her stomach to her very wet pussy. India nude men with shaved cocks hot porno.

Alexis steadied herself by leaning against the wall of the shower, but it only made her remember the intense sensation of the cold tile against her back as Matt pressed his hot, muscled body tight against her and slowly inserted two fingers of his right hand into her pussy and stroked her G-spot while his thumb massaged her sensitive clit.

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Alexis closed her eyes and could feel the slippery smooth skin of Matt’s hard, thick cock in her right hand while she stroked him.

She could hear Matt’s voice in her ear, husky with need, telling her Come for me baby.

She could feel Matt’s strong left arm encircling her waist, holding her up as she let herself go. Fuck my indian pussy baker city.

Her left arm around his neck and her legs trying to support herself but failing as her powerful orgasm overtook her.

Alexis recalled recovering from her orgasm and wordlessly looking deep into Matt’s emerald green eyes and holding his gaze as she began stroking his cock again and dropped to her knees in front of him. Free sex chat no joining required.

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She remembered the feeling of the warm soothing water running over her as she slowly stroked his rock hard shaft and opened her mouth to let her tongue tip make slow, teasing circles around the head of his cock.

Alexis had loved the pleasure reflected in Matt's eyes as she let her tongue wiggle lightly on his frenulum. Love vs sexual attraction.

Matt’s hands had gathered Alexis’ shoulder length wavy blond hair back from her face and held it gently on the back of her head, his silent signal he loved watching her pleasure him.

Alexis pulled her eyes away from Matt’s so she could see to hold his balls in her left hand and gently but firmly tug them as her silky lips slid over his dark red cock head.

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She remembered hearing Matt’s low moan and feeling how his cock stiffened even more in her mouth as she slid it in slowly as far as she could while circling it with her tongue.

She heard Matt’s sharp intake of air and felt his body start to quiver, so she pressed her middle finger into his taint and increased the suction of her mouth on his cock while slowly pulling up and pushing back down his shaft. Sexy dance live wallpaper.

She felt Matt’s body shaking and his balls tense in her hand as she heard him say breathlessly Oh God… yes, just before tasting his warm, slightly salty cum as it spurted into her mouth and she let it slide down her throat.

Alexis’ fingers were just starting to rub her pulsing clit when the sound of the back door of the house closing reached her ears over the noise of the shower and it brought her back to reality.

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Matt’s home, Alexis thought with relief that he was home safe but also anxiety over how to talk to him about their lack of sex.

Her hardened nipples, slight aching in her abdomen from her engorged G-spot, and wetness trickling out of her pussy and dampening her inner thighs only drove her determination to rekindle the passionate lovemaking they had once shared. Film porno anna.

Alexis shut off the water and grabbed a pink towel hanging on the towel rack to dry off.

Wrapping and tucking the towel around her body, her sizable breasts holding it up, she went downstairs to the kitchen to help Matt unload the groceries.

As she entered the kitchen Matt paused unpacking and Alexis felt more than saw his beautiful green eyes glide over her body briefly.

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