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He smiled as I walked in and he continued to fill my wife’s mouth with his love juice right there in front of me.

I placed Sara’s coffee on the nightstand and walked towards Pat with his coffee. Online ondian webcam sex.

Just as she was pulling his now semi-limp dick from her mouth, Sara saw me and said in a sexy voice, “Good morning, sweetheart.

” She licked up the last drops of his cum and smiled and said, “What a beautiful morning,” she continued, “give me a kiss, baby. Free chat sexy girls.

” She was still holding Pat’s now limp dick and she turned her head to give me a kiss.

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I could taste Pat’s cum on her lips.

I handed Pat his coffee and she kissed the tip of Pat’s dick again and puckered her lips to me. Yvonasensual oovoo sex rooms.

She wanted another kiss, she wanted me to taste his love juice on her lips.

I obliged and this time, she pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I could taste his salty juice and this was just what she had wanted.

I went to hold her tit sand she moved her free hand and stopped me and whispered seductively, “No, not yet, they are not yours until Pat goes to work.

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” I smiled and kissed her again and replied, “I understand, baby, I will leave you two alone.

” As I stood up to make my way back to my bedroom she pulled Pat’s dick to her mouth again and started kissing and licking it. Joi sex chat.

Twenty-five minutes later I heard them both go downstairs and a further fifteen minutes later I heard the front door close as Pat went to work.

Sara rejoined me after taking a shower and she was wearing her new sexy black lingerie that she wore for Pat last night.

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