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Sexual tension filled the car and electricity surged in every kiss we shared.

As weird as it was in my situation, I wanted him to own me tied and to own me in that very moment.

"Me qi, shpirti.

" ("Fuck me, darling" - in Albanian) I demanded with dreamy voice.

"What? Porno cam chat. How? Wh.

?" My partner couldn't prevent laughter.

"How do you know such words?" "Google," I giggled.

Azem unbuttoned my coat like a real expert and spread my legs, reaching under my mini skirt.

His hand wandering on my thighs brought the butterflies to my stomach. Free shemale sex chat.

I loved the way he kissed me; no unnecessary saliva, despite our tongues were dancing without splitting for several minutes.

My breath shortened.

Teen sexting chat. Azem

I was ready.

I moaned as I felt his fingers putting my thong aside and reaching my vagina's lips.

He pulled me close to his body. Mistress fucked sissy.

I bet he already wanted to come.

The more I appreciate devotion he put in the whole warm-up.

His fingers moved back and forth before entering my lower lips.

A lot of juice squirted out.

I felt him collecting most of it and smearing on my thighs and well-shaved pussy. Usa tamil xxx sex.

It was lube enough to enter already two fingers inside.

I closed my eyes.

I moaned with the pace of fingering.

"Damn, you have such a tight pussy; my big dick will spoil you," Azem kissed me and unzipped his trousers.

What I saw underneath was huge indeed. Online sexy video chatting random.

Teen sexting chat. Azem

Doubts entered my little feminine brain, if I could handle it.

Azem helped me get on my knees, and he whispered, "Come on baby, I want to see your sexy lips on it.

" He massaged with the dick my cheek red from a slap.

I smiled up to him.

The tool I had to play with was long and thick. Redhead bush fuck.

First I tried to lick it all around on lube purpose.

Azem moved it for me, since I couldn't use hands.

It always tried to escape up, so erected it was.

Finally I caught a tip with my "sexy lips.

" I hit it with my tongue inside in a very fast pace.

Then I equally quickly made circles. Bleeding uterine polyp sex.

I noticed Azem unintentionally moved his pelvis and exhaled deeply.

With every movement of his I received his penis deeper and deeper.

Teen sexting chat. Azem

Soon I was unable to manipulate my tongue the way I wished, because my mouth was full.

I could only suck and move my head. Cam sex no java.

Azem corrected his position, so I kneeled directly in front of him.

"Look at my face, Nati.

" He took my head in his hands and moved it back and forth, not really thinking of something trivial like a mouth limit.

A tip of the dick hit my throat time and again. Belladonna webcam.

I barely could keep lips opened for so long.

I wanted to shout, but I was blocked.

I could only purr.

When Azem felt like cumming, he took it out, so I could find short relief.

Wow, it was a hot ride.

He slapped my tongue with a massive penis.

We smiled at each other. Sex dating spain.

Azem picked me up on him.

Teen sexting chat. Azem

There was a small problem, since I still had a coat on me and anyway, there was not much space in the car, but we succeed.

He tried to enter me carefully, and not the full size, to not hurt me.

I didn't feel comfortable at the beginning. Sex art little caprice.

Well, it did hurt me, and despite being on the top, I couldn't control anything.

What mattered to me, I could be close to that sexy face and the eyes which desired me.

I started to bounce.

Azem kept one hand around my waist and pressed on my breasts with the other.

"I swear, first thing I do when we get home, I get to these boobies and suck them for hours," he promised. Sa36ce89hb23 indian live free sexy chat.

That thought fired him up.

He entered me roughly and deeply.

Teen sexting chat. Azem

I shouted with every poke.

He shouted too.

Watching my lover so excited drove me crazy.

He put his hand on my hips and watched how his long, thick and red cock tore my little thing apart.

My eyes were shining, my cheeks got rosy, and I screamed out. Free sex cam without registration.

The car must have looked like in a lunapark from the outside.

Geez, in that limited space I was bouncing like crazy.

When Azem pressed me on him to the full length, I felt like lava spreading all over me.

I got fever in one second.

Public place, who cares; I screamed my throat out. Sex video jennifer lawrence.

Azem took his dick out in the last second.

Explosion shoot up and landed on my shirt.

I fell on his chest, powerless.

"I bought this shirt for half of my salary; it's a brand one.

" I said after a couple of minutes.

Teen sexting chat. Azem

Azem, not stopping to run fingers through my hair, replied, "That suit you're laying and leaving sperm marks on, I didn't get it for free either.

" He didn't free me from handcuffs but walked me to the front seat. Webcam busty.

He took the driver's place.

Suddenly we noticed a policeman coming over and asking us for the noises and our documents.

"It's a long story, but I will tell you in brief, " I put my head out of the window.

"First I dumped my boyfriend who lived in Stockholm, but I had already tickets bought and press accreditation for the tournament guaranteed, so I met this young man on the internet date site and decided to come anyway.

Teen sexting chat.